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epcot spaceship earth lighting

Credit: ITM


  1. KenG

    You gotta love that 1980’s phone! Hello, The Bell System is calling!

  2. KenR

    I’m always interested in seeing the behind the scenes areas of these dark rides. This only supports my assertion that they really need to complete the refurbishment of this major, and beloved attraction. Why they would stop that renovation, and then turn their attention to Splash Mountain is beyond me. They have so much work to do at Epcot. That includes redoing the worst attraction in WDW, Journey Into Imagination, which should have been closed and repurposed over a decade ago.

  3. SG

    It is a bit dated (lol). We always loved the video you create at the end. When the email system broke down we just recorded it with our cell phone. I’d like to see it updated, it is the main landmark for EPCOT after all.

  4. Holly Pacella

    Back in the late 80’s (I was 7 or 8) my parents and I were in there and there was a small fire. We were evacuated and I got separated from them. It scared the bejeezus out me! LOL It took about 45 minutes for a cast member to find my parents and reunite us. I will remember that for the rest of my days!

    1. Heidi Gaspard

      Heidi Gaspard
      I like the Spaceship
      Earth ride and it is a very smooth ride.
      I always enjoy riding it
      whenever I get to Magic Kingdom

  5. Jenn

    That stinks! I know they were just about to refurbish it last May, right? My fear is when I finally roll back there in Nov. 2022 they will have that down, possibly Splash Mountain too…And darn it, if my Peoplemover is down I will just CRY!

  6. Erica M

    We love Spaceship Earth and have been stuck on it numerous times. From 5min to almost an hour. ? Never had to be ‘rescued’ but we did on Everest. It was one of the coolest things walking the stairs/trail they had cut out for that purpose. That was a fun story to tell!

  7. Tonya

    Awe SHUCKS! Some guests have ALL the luck! How come the ride(s) that I am on never break down? I WANT TO BE EVACUATED! But, nope! Tonya’s rides just always go from start to finish without a hitch or catastrophe. C’mon, Disney! Sprinkle MY ride with some pixie dust so that I can evacuate too!!!

  8. I have been on space ship Earth many times I don’t remember been stuck on this ride. I guess I was one of the lucky one

  9. Sbslaw

    About sums it up for the overall downhill projectory of the company.

    1. Peter

      And THAT is a damn shame!!!

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