Comments for “Scary Godmother” Gets New Look at Disney Parks

fairy godmother

Credit: ITM (left) @disney_polkadots (right)


  1. EricJ

    That’s even scarier. 🙂
    And Flora, Fauna & Merriweather are costume characters at the overseas parks too, aren’t they?

  2. Patrick

    Yes, she’s still scary looking! I’m a grown adult and that costume would make me step back if I wasn’t expecting to see her.

    1. Sarah

      What the… why is she not a face character?!

  3. Bre

    The eyes are still a bit scary to look at, but still much better than the original look. Haha. 😅

  4. Rebecca

    The costume update is really beautiful. However, the mask needs to go, in my opinion.

  5. SG

    Real face please! Why can’t we embrace the wrinkley face of our beautiful elderly?

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