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  1. Bill

    The Country Bear Band.

  2. Andrew Fontanez

    It’s time for Disney’s Hollywood Studios to be expanded with new lands and make the park more big

    1. Yeppers

      More big for sure!

      1. Lauren

        Don’t change it. I like it the way it is.

  3. Kevin

    It’s not even a rumor, it was simply a fun exercise for some armchair imagineering. Take a deep breath, it will be ok.

  4. Rose

    I suggest Rock N Roll Time Machine. Disney owns the rights to so much music. Take music/video of a half dozen artists & see which concert it transports you to.

    1. Christy G

      I think they need to update it. It’s been around forever and it keeps having issues..sorry Aerosmith but time to get movin..

  5. Katy Loebrich

    Either AC/DC or Queen would be more than iconic enough to fit the original theme. But what about Wreck It Ralph as a new setting?

    1. Thomas

      Queen!, I Agree!

    2. Randy

      LOL Queen or AC/DC? You know the main audience are kids under 15, right? It’ll be like the Little Nas X coaster or something. =P

      1. Christina Young

        Do you know how many people of all ages love Queen? Take a bunch of songs that *everyone* knows and make a ride out of them. It’s that simple

    3. KoazterBoi

      I do think Aerosmith is already awesome! I don’t think it should change but if it would, I would put Guns n’ Roses, AC/DC or even Green Day.

  6. Rory

    Led Zeppelin

    1. Heath

      Look up the Led Zeppelin coaster at the defunct Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach, such a shame it didn’t last.

      1. Nick

        Maybe something that has had some musical relevance in the last 30 years. That leaves Led Zep & Aerosmith out.

  7. Randy

    If only Disney had a movie themed around cars…..

  8. Max

    Oh oh I know! FROZEN! yeah, you like that, don’t cha?

    1. Michelle

      Ride on Sven’s sleigh?! Ride on the Frozen horse?
      Be careful what you say LOL!… My niece and nephew have made me watch it enough….

  9. Lorie Benson

    It needs to be returned as “Emperors New Groove”. There is a tik tokker who did a whole makeup of how to do this. This movie is so underrated, but do good! “Pull the lever Kronk!” ?

  10. Animal! Animal!

    Wow those are some awful choices. I do like the Cars idea (credit to Randy above), but there is only one logical choice – and DIsney already has the licensing rights;
    Dr. Teeth & Electric Mayhem


    1. Keith

      That is actually pretty genius. They could muppetize the entire preshow. Would love to see this.

      1. G Law

        Can we make it the Riverbottom Nightmare Band!!! That would be awesome.

  11. Let it the same first paris then this so i say no chanhe

  12. Kim Sheckell

    My favorite singer is Miley Cyrus, so that might be an idea for a new theme for the roller coaster.

    1. Jenny

      I hope they don’t change it. It needs to be kept in the spirit of Hollywood for the theming. I’m sick of Disney just ignoring their theming.

      I vote for Dr. Teeth & Electric Mayhem.

      1. Melanie Durham

        I love this idea too

  13. How about a roller coaster featuring a tribute to all rock guitarists?

  14. Jeremy

    It will be based on Cars movie when it’s reimagined, that entire section of park is rumored to be turned into Cars Land

    1. Larry

      That’s certainly the logical choice. The music could focus on the hey-days of Route 66. Lots of good sound from the 50’s and 60’s.

  15. EricJ

    “All of this said, at the beginning of the year Disney re-vamped the posters in front of the attraction so it does not look like any change is coming to Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster Starring Aerosmith anytime soon.”

    …So WHAT THE HECK did we just waste our time reading??

  16. Jimmy K

    Zeppelin theme would be sweet

  17. Aric Unkel

    No. Just no!!

  18. Jim Hayes

    How about some backstage passes to the Monsters, Inc. Band?!

  19. Leave these Damn rides alone. To many radical groups are imposing their will. Disney needs to grow some gaonnies, just get rid of that head imagineer broad and leave Splash Mountain, Jungle Cruise, Critter Country, all alone. This crap is getting out of hand quick.. After 60+ years, I am about to give up on Disney. Skinheads, BLM? whats the difference, they both use scare tactics on the masses. I am fed up with all the hate and “I want it my way” BULL!

    1. Stacee

      Amen, say it again! I agree with you totally! Pretty soon, these little z generation or whatever comes after won’t even know what a guitar looks or sounds like! Some people just don’t get it. When you can’t be original, you just try to “re-do” someone else’s work so to speak! Come up with something original or get out of the imagination gig!

    2. Connie

      Well said Roger Stevens

  20. lil uzi vert

    How has no one said this already?
    Aerosmith already changed in another Disney Park. It changed into a Iron Man themed coaster. It will probably update to that as well.

  21. Alex

    The correct answer is Muse. A Knights of Cydonia rollercoaster would be amazing.

  22. Lynda Gaipa

    Lynda Gaipa
    I would love to hear Bon Jovi. Coming from a Jersey girl. LOL

    1. Melanie Durham

      Oh barf! No way!

  23. Melanie Durham

    If they ever do change it, I hope they do marvel, Ironman!

  24. Dave

    Don’t change it. The problem is they only play select so gs and no more. Change that and it’s Golden!!
    AC/DC if I had to.

  25. Glenn

    It’s interesting that most of the suggestions are just as old or older than Aerosmith. I think they’d have to rename, not just retheme, the ride if it were to ever change.

    Also, it can’t become an Iron Man coaster because Universal has rights to those characters in the Eastern U.S.

  26. Mike

    Some of those suggestions in the article are pretty good. I’d go with the Pixies though.

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