Comments for ‘Rehire Gina Carano’ Petition Gains MAJOR Steam

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  1. Ken

    Considering she doubled down? Never happening

    1. Ron

      She said something stupid, got fired, did not apologize. Enough said.

      1. Roberto Ruffolo

        What she said may have been naive but there was some truth to it. She was fired for voicing an opinion. Welcome to fascism.

    2. Morachi

      Calling everyone a Nazi who disagrees with you nowadays is okay but comparing being persecuted was akin to the holocaust gets you fired.

      It wasn’t apt but to lose your job over it is insane.

  2. Chris

    Honestly, I do t care if you agree or disagree with her views, no one should be fired for expressing thier political views unless they are inciting violence.

    1. Confused

      Great. Start your own company, and have open expression for your workers. Since most companies across the world do not allow this, I am sure there are issues with easily implementing this. But sure its easy to say stuff online on how you think the world should be run.

      1. Diana

        Disney destroyed their own reputation with conservative America. I will never spend another dime there and I truly mean that.

        1. Aaron

          OK, your loss. Bye, Karen.

        2. Grant McConaughy

          Let’s face it, conservative America destroyed their own reputation. There’s a reason I left and am a better person for it.

    2. M

      Well it wasn’t just that she shared her views, it was also that she was warned multiple times about it, but didn’t heed Disney execs when they spoke to her, nor did she issue an apology when they asked her too. She, like other stars who work with Disney, signed an agreement about their online behavior. Pedro Pascal was talked to in the past for his comments, then didn’t do it again. Gina, did it, was talked to, and kept doing it, even after her costar, Pedro, personally spoke to her. It was more than her expressing her opinions, but disregarding what was told to her not to do by execs and breaking a clause.

  3. KevinY

    Carano was not fired for being a Conservative in Hollywood. If you could be fired for simply expressing Conservative views than Tim Allen, Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton, and Jon Voigt wouldn’t have a career.

    Carano was fired because she said unquestionably offensive things that don’t have anything to do with Small Government vs Big Government.

    1. Daddy Piranha

      Shhhhh! If you don’t let the snowflakes have their cross to crucify themselves on they have a tendency to try to murder cops, spit on democracy, and overthrow the government.

  4. Will

    Gaining major steam? The petition is months old, and received over 50% of it’s signatures in the first few days. Leaving aside people’s sides/views/opinions on this, last I checked, people tended to say something was “gaining steam” when interest levels were on the steady rise, not slowly waining off (as these things usually do with time). This article is fairly outdated, and contextually old.

    In wondering why someone would characterize this petition so inaccurately, it may be worth noting that an article by Christian Bone in We’ve Got This Covered from around 2 months ago (when the petition was much fresher) used the same wording to describe (at that time accurately) the petition. Also, this piece has a decent number of other things in common with this piece, to the point where the second half of this article feels more than a little plagiarized to me.

    By all means, sign this petition if you agree with it. Don’t if you don’t, I’m not invested in anything anyone says or does about this, and I’m not foolish enough to think that anyone can change anyone’s point of view in a comment section on the internet… But one thing I can say for sure is that, going forward, I’ll be looking at all articles from both this author and this source with an eye for plagiarism, relevancy, and sensationalism, and it might be worthwhile for other people to do so as well.

  5. Resinveins

    Gaining steam? You’re delusional. Nobody cares… most importantly not Disney.

  6. Ahn

    I agree. She should have known what she was doing she’s not mature enough or smart enough to realize it would affect your job then she doesn’t deserve a job. There’s plenty of actors out there that need a job interview someone else probably turn out better

  7. Sue

    Gina has nothing to apologize for you, but Disney does. Pedro also said tweeted many politicial things that were more harmful than Gina and he is still working. Whether you want to admit it or not, Hollywood is out to crush anyone who is conservative and/or a Christian. And, this article is wrong; Jon Favure did speak out against Disney for firing Gina as he is supposed to have full control over anything Star Wars.

    Because of us, Disney thinks it is an all powerful god. It is time to hurt them where it counts: the pocketbook. Over 3 million people canceled their Disney plus subscriptions within the week that Disney announced the firing of Gina. And, their stock is starting tank.

    1. Aaron

      Wrong. Disney stock has not tanked. Boycott all you want, nobody cares.

    2. No One Cares

      Dream on. Disney is still going strong, and will keep going strong. Keep living in that victim mentality; no one cares.

      1. Rocket Man

        Most Disney fans seem to be rabid close minded authoritarians. I say Gina is better off without the leash.

  8. Jack

    Sorry, it won’t happen. Disney execs are not interested in viewpoint inclusivity when it comes to politics. They didn’t like what she said, so they booted her. They certainly had the right to do so. Unfortunately, they should have been honest about they reasoning rather than disingenuously spinning her comments as anti-Semitic, when they were in fact just the opposite. Is there a double standard in Hollywood when it comes to expressing political opinions? Absolutely. Carano’s treatment is yet another example proving it.

  9. Diana Maria

    I will NEVER watch another Star Wars show or movie under Disney again over this. Even if they bring Adam Driver, who is fantastic back! What they did to Gina was awful and she did not even say anything bad. It was an honest opinion. iEvery American should boycott Disney. Disney supports democrats because democrats let this cheap company fire US IT workers and replace them with cheap IT help from India Disney is a disgrace.

    1. Aaron

      You sound totally rational and normal. LOL. Boycott all you want, that is your right. But something tells me that you won’t be able to do it…

    2. No One Cares

      You don’t have any right to tell “every American” what they should do. You don’t represent the majority of Americans, who simply don’t care about this situation. Most of us will keep watching and enjoying.

    3. Daddy Piranha

      Disney supports money. If Ms. Carano’s viewpoint was the majority and Disney thought they would make more money by having her around than they would lose by showing her the door, well, she wouldn’t be a former Star Wars “actress”.

      Enjoy being in the minority! Hope conservatives are treated better than they treated the former minorities!

  10. Diana

    Where are my comments? Are you only posting anti Gina stuff? Gina did nothing wrong.

    1. Aaron

      Diana we all see your unhinged comments. Have a great weekend!

  11. Billy F

    This is just a social media firing…extra ubsurd because Social media overall is a very small section of society…. Disney should have ignored their faux “outrage”, and continued on…..no one not even the social media turds would have stopped watching or stopped paying Disney’s outrageous theme park and everything pricing.

  12. Aaron

    Yes, all you rabid Gina fans should proceed with your boycott. My annual Disney World trips will be better without you there.

  13. Bren

    I am rolling with some of these comments! So quick question to the “conservatives” who are so upset with the “snowflakes”, who’s the cancel culture now??? So many saying they canceled their Disney +, boycotting Disney. LMAO! So if the “snowflakes” don’t agree with you, then they are the “cancel” culture and “woke”, but if you do agree, it’s okay. Talk about hypocrites. Either way, all actors sign agreements with the companies, and are expected to follow the rules in their contract. You don’t follow it, you’re fired. Boo hoo hoo she got fired for not following the rules she agreed to. She won’t be the first, and she won’t be the last. But go ahead and stay on your conservative soap box. It’s not like we’re laughing at your childish behavior.

  14. StarWarsGrandpa

    If anyone ‘not’ an ‘actor’ had said what she said, 100% of us would be fired from our jobs as well. There are these ‘adult rules’ called ‘laws’ that society expects to be followed and when you don’t – you suffer the consequences of your ‘convictions’. If you think because she was ‘off the job’ when she made her hateful, hurtful statements of ‘how she feels’ and you’re ok with how she feels, and you think that ‘covers’ her to say whatever she wants – YOU are the problem. You don’t understand not only business contracts, hiring agreements, nor do you fully grasp what was ‘in’ her contract (as is the vast majority of ‘actors’ and ‘actresses’ that have the public eye).

    Star Wars fans who think she should have no blowback and job loss for what she said? Grow brains, take your politics elsewhere – out of the Star Wars universe – PERIOD.

    1. Morachi

      What exactly did she say that was so hateful? I guess I missed that.

  15. Gene

    Cara Dune is my favorite Disney princess ??

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