Comments for Fan Petition Calls to Cancel “Racist” ‘Proud Family’ Sequel

The Proud Family

Credit: Disney


  1. Anon

    Enough! If you don’t like something Don’t watch it. Problem solved, you’re welcome

    1. I completely agree. Next Family Guy will be banned because Peter’s character is fat etc. For only 13% of the population there is an awful lot of complaining

  2. DisneyFan

    Give me a freaking break!!! Stop complaining about everything. Disney opened Pandora’s box by pandering to these gutless pansies who find offensive in EVERYTHING! Nothing will ever be good enough! Can’t please people who are perpetually offended.

    1. It’s amazing how 13% of the population can do so much complaining.

  3. Melvin

    People need to get jobs. This is just sad.

  4. Tyler Rowan

    It is a cartoon geared towards kids and when the original was out I would watched it with the kids of my mom’s best friend, who was African American and they had no problem with it. They enjoyed the series a lot. Companies need to stop bowing to pansy asses.

    1. I completely agree

  5. lonnae Lamberson

    Please….stop with this craziness. I like the Proud Family and I love the characters. I’m Black and I ‘m sick of the race card being played in something that has no relationship to it. Please stop

    1. I agree preach girl

  6. Barry

    So the lesson here is to avoid producing any shows involving any racial minorities, even when said shows employ minority cast, writers, and other creatives for fear that someone in minority communities will get offended. Got it.

    If people have suggestions to make something better, that’s fine. But I am sick of cancel culture. For those who indulge in such things–be careful or you might convince the decision makers that there is too much risk in making any material involving your interest group. Getting the Proud Family cancelled doesn’t mean Disney will pour money into some new project-it means they will be pushed further towards bland, safe, impossible to offend anyone content.

    1. Disney, and so many other corporations, are complicit in the strained relations. I have never been so disgusted. If “POC” have all of these rules and demands then they should start be removing the ethnic weave/wig on their heads….we can’t do shite anymore but they can stand there and dictate yo us that black people have to be played by blacks etc etc all while wearing a Surian. Asian or x hair on their heads!!! Typical, do as I say not as I do

  7. Lately all I want to do and say is, “Fluck you, fluck this, fluck that.”
    Until you (women of color) remove another woman’s hair (different ethnicity) from your head you should STFU

    1. pp cocaine

      shut up cathy goddamn

    2. Kimberly

      Are you saying that Caucasian women don’t wear hair extensions? Until you (women without color) stop applying tanning lotions, going to the tanning salon or laying in the sun for hours to appear darker, you STFU. The pot and the kettle. Trying to appear like those of us who are minorities and bash us at the same time. I am hardly ever offended by things but your comments that riddle this message board are ridiculous. Grow tf up.

    3. Mew

      Jesus catharine shut the hell up. I am black and agree that this whole situation is stupid but you’re just being blatantly racist

  8. Dr Wokesome

    Woke Disney Fans: “We want representation”
    Disney: “Ok here’s en entire black family”
    Woke Disney Fans: “Not like that, they are generalisations…”
    Disney: “Yes, its carton family sitcom…it kind of relies on generalizations”
    Woke Disney Fans: “RACISTS!”
    Disney :… sigh

    1. V.P

      Im black, and this is ridiculous. This cancel culture crap is causing more harm than good. It making people hate each other. All of this crying about everything. At the end of the day nothing good will come of this. Im tired of hearing about race relations.

  9. NeiNei

    A lot of these ‘upstanding, law-abiding citizens with jobs’ in the comments fail to realize the outrage isn’t from blacks. A lot of black people *want* things like the proud family, but people who aren’t black ending up doing more harm than good by getting offended on a black’s behalf- thus situations like this occur, essentially preventing any type of diversity in shows period. Think about that.

    To single out Dijonay is to throw the entire cast in the fire with her. That’s literally her personality while the OTHER black & latin characters are just fine. The point of a cartoon character is to have a personality (PROBLEMS INCLUDED).

    Also… weave? We’re really gonna bring up such a crumbling argument to try and validate an asinine belief about ALL black women EVERYWHERE…? ?

  10. It really doesn’t matter like I’m a kid and I mean yeah Dijonay is black But the whole reason she’s rude and everything it’s not because she’s black it’s because she’s a teenager all teenagers are rude and stuck up and snobby they have an episode in the original series talking about how the color in the whites are different and then shows how they get along when Penny goes back in time I mean they’re literally saying that race doesn’t matter and it really doesn’t like who cares if you’re black who cares if you’re white it doesn’t matter because we’re all humans I mean it’s like saying I don’t like this person because they have brown hair like how dumb is that I enjoy the proud family because it shows lots of funny things I mean look at the gross sisters they’re blue so what and it shows everybody getting along and having fun and lots of antics I mean sure they are black and white and her saying how this person is black and her name is dijonay and she’s fat and has bad attitude will guess what it be the same if it was a white person or white person can be fat and have a bad attitude it’s just called normal like I mean it would be like saying oh no no no no we can only have tall people that are white if their skin colors are a problem for you go watch something else like it’s not made for adults it’s made for kids I am a 14-year-old speaking here and even I think you guys are being ridiculous like seriously and Catherine just shut up like seriously that’s ridiculous it doesn’t matter like that 13% of the population they really have nothing better to do like they’re just there it will be haters because you know haters going to hate guess what if they wanna hate on the show they can just watch something else or post it on Facebook like everybody else in the world does or write in a journal or go to a class and start punching a bag to get over your anger but nobody really cares I mean it’s a TV show it’s made for fun and some of it is futuristic like sticky scooter and stuff like that I mean look at sticky he’s black he’s a genius so do you want to say that they’re showing Black people are dumb on the show sticky is the smartest character and he’s black I mean come on I’m a white girl and my best friends are black and I don’t care because the show is good and funny and that’s really all that matters.

  11. Guest

    Get a life if anything it’s the opposite of racist and no offense but if you not African American you don’t know what we have gone through and if anything it would be racist to us but it’s not if anything we should appreciate that disney is bringing back a show about black people

  12. Shani

    The fact that none of you are dark skinned black women says volumes about your empathy for us.
    Listen to yourselves!
    13% this
    Weaves that!
    We’re people who care about how we’re portrayed.
    It’s not enough to just slap black on there and say “Be grateful”, you have to do the work.

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