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  1. EricJ

    So, since it’s not the main character (but a metaphoric bit character to explore the “Troubled teen identity” message), I’m guessing she’ll have even less dialogue than that false-alarm black “Onward” policewoman talking about her “girlfrien'”.

    Oh well, at least it’s on paper, and fans aren’t wishfully GUESSING this time, like that mom-and-daughter “same sex couple” from Finding Dory. 😉

    1. Kelly Daunis

      They should NOT encourage this kind of behavior. It is totally unnatural and definitely NOT normal.
      What’s next?

      1. Marsha

        I agree. Disney is no longer being “family friendly”.

      2. Marsha

        I agree. Movies like this are projecting the wrong message. Basically shoving “acceptance” in ones face. If the adults won’t bend, try children.

        1. Lily

          I say it’s a good step lgbtq people are still illegal in 47 different countries and people are still trying to hurt the community so yeah I think it’s great that their doing this please I’m begging be more open minded that how you are acting because it’s not fair what trans people or let alone who isn’t a straight person has to go through.

  2. Daryl

    So someone who can portray a teenage boy then?

  3. Kelly Daunis

    They should NOT encourage this kind of behavior. This is totally unnatural and NOT normal. What’s next?

  4. Kelly Daunis

    These people absolutely refuse to post my comment because they know that what I said is true. This behavior is sick.

    1. J

      Then don’t watch the movie. No one is forcing you to see it or support it in any way. If you have kids then don’t let them see it. It’s totally up to you. I am personally glad that my children are able to see different lifestyles and cultures presented on screen so that they will grow up to be tolerant of those around them.

      1. Jay

        They don’t make the movie

      2. Marsha

        This is more than “don’t watch the movie”. This is breaking down values of family and the Walt Disney image.

      3. Marsha

        This is more than “don’t watch the movie”. This is breaking down the Walt Disney image.

    2. Tad

      Take a deep breathe Kel. Are you referring to the first comment you posted, or the second one, or the comment saying your comments are not being posted?? Unlike some sites and discussion boards, comments may take a bit to show up. According to a 2020 Gallup poll, 5.6 % of Americans identify as LBGTQ, and of that 5.6% more than half (54.6%) of LGBT adults identify as bisexual. About a quarter (24.5%) say they are gay, with 11.7% identifying as lesbian and 11.3% as transgender. The population of the US is approx. 332 million people. OMG Kel, does that mean there’s 18,592,000 of “those” people and over 2 million of them identifying as transgender? By your standards that’s a lot of “sick people”??‍♂️

      1. Lily

        Oof I’m a “sick” person then xD (I’m trans ?️‍⚧️) (you’re cool btw I’m making fun of the other person you’re making fun of)

  5. Jamie F

    What’s completely sad about the entire thing is that it’s Pixar throwing all this garbage in for kids & Disney goes along with it. Sickens me. Disney used to be a place I enjoyed going to & watching their movies. Completely going away from family movies & going into LGBTQ garbage that I won’t subject my child or unborn child to. Disney is getting away from true families

    1. Jay

      You are correct

    2. Unknown

      You are a sad hetreophobic fool.

      Most people don’t like homosexuality and all the insanity and bullying and agenda-pushing that comes with it. The sooner you accept this, the better off you’re going to be.

  6. Day

    Finally! I’m so happy that Pixar is doing this!

    I can’t wait to see it! Hope they do more like this.

    Hope Disney puts transgender kids in their shows.

    1. Jay

      You sick too

  7. Marsha

    I am surprised that the Walt Disney Corporation is turning tail. Walt would not approve. This is NOT family entertainment. I know we all have choices, but not appropriate for children.

    1. Lily

      Oof I’m a “sick” person then xD (I’m trans ?️‍⚧️) (you’re cool btw I’m making fun of the other person you’re making
      Of the other person)

  8. Unknown

    Disney is SO DESPERATE to lose money these days, that’s it’s just sad.

    Stop trying appeal to the pride market, because they don’t care about anything but themselves. They don’t support you businesses model, so stop trying, because none of them care. Twitter is NOT real life and does NOT translate into dollars.

    Besides, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be “transgender” as a voice actor in an animated show. All acting is an illusion, especially in voice acting, where the actor has to trick you into thinking that they are characters that they are not with only their voice.

    Remember Edna Mode in the Incredibles? She’s played by the male director of the film Brad Bird. That’s just one example.

    Bottom line: STOP trying to appeal to the pride market, because none of them care, and stop making a big deal out of an acting process that no one bats an eye at.

  9. Paul

    I’m just here (once again) to watch the bigoted heads of the anti-LGBTQ+ haters explode. The *biology* of sexual orientation is fact; it’s not just binary male/female. But there’s no reasoning with hate.

    1. Jay


    2. Darren

      Paul, are you gay or transgendered?

    3. Anon

      Trans has nothing to do with being gay. leave us out of it.

  10. Aaron

    Woke executive’s will usher in the end of Disney.


  11. Van

    Honestly I don’t care what you do behind closed doors, that’s your business. If someone is trans or gay or whatever so be it I don’t care it’s your preference, but please don’t push your business on me or my family. Pixar, Disney, hallmark are supposed to be safe places. You don’t need to see that. I’m sorry but there should be certain places people can go that they don’t have to explain this to their own children earlier then they want to. As a Christian mom I felt it was my right to tell my kids things when it was emotionally right for them not when you politically think its right for my kids. Don’t push you agenda on me and my kids. Kids movies should be wholesome don’t rush their lives away. They have to much crap to deal with already.

    1. Tom

      Honestly I don’t care what straight people do behind closed dores, but please don’t push your straightness on me or my family. Nobody wants to see straight people kissing in public you know, and ESPECIALLY not in Pixar and/or Disney movies!

  12. Sharon

    This is sick. Disney and Pixar are losing fans cause they want to bring this junk in. Transgender, gay, etc is NOT natural and goes against God. You definitely are no longer kid friendly bringing this stuff in. All of this will add so much confusion to children and you will be destroying kids lives along with adults that are not confused.

    1. Unknown

      ‘Nuff said!

  13. Bren

    For all of you complaining, who is the parent here? It is not anyone’s job to teach your children your beliefs, morals, and values. It is up to you to not rely on the television and movies to teach your kids. It’s up to you! So do your job, teach your kids, and if you don’t approve of a show or movie, don’t watch it. I don’t like horror movies, so I don’t watch them. You have the same choices. So be a freaking parent, and do your job! And quit the whining about what you don’t want companies producing because it goes against your values. Just because it goes against your beliefs does not mean it goes against everyone’s beliefs. So knock it off, and just worry about your own kids.

  14. Diane

    It would be nice if they started writing roles for trans boys and men. It’s always about trans girls and women.
    As for the comment about Walt not approving, I’ve heard these ‘Walt wouldn’t approve’ comments far too many times on various matters. Let’s be honest, Walt was a forward thinking man, far ahead of his time and the only thing we know he wouldn’t approve of is alcohol being served freely in his parks and on the other side of the subject, Walt would wholeheartedly approve of the smoking ban in parks, he smoked and he knew the result is has on people’s health.

    1. Lily

      I hope they will do trans boys as well and I feel like they will but this is a big step in general uwu

  15. Anon

    ah yes. yet another male lead film by pixar, I want to hear news, not something that is expected

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