Comments for ‘Mandalorian’ Actor Pedro Pascal Blew Up the Internet Last Night

pedro pascal as din djarin

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Maria

    Pedro Pascal looked very dapper indeed! Viva Chile!

  2. Timothy Pierson

    You bated me and I clicked but I have a query rather than a comment and it is off topic. Per your mini-bio I’m going to say you may be better informed about Disneyland than the average Country Jamboree Bear. The new tiered admission structure is a mystery to me (smothered in a bacon enigma jam, sealed in a French oak conundrum). I get that you pay more to park hop but at the heart of it what benefits are derived at each ascending tier and/or what are you sacrificing by paying less at the lower tiers? Hey! I just gave you an idea for a new article. Byline? No? Ok. Thanx in advance.

  3. Michelle

    Ah yes, Pedro the king of woke who compared half the nation (many of them Christians) to Nazis who committed unfathomable atrocities. One of my heroes is Corrie ten Boom, a Christian woman who risked her life and saved many Jewish people from the Nazis. Her father died in prison, and her sister died in a concentration camp. I wonder if she was alive today how absolutely appalled she would be at the comparison.

    1. You're

      Grow up and get a thicker skin, you sensitive snowflake. You people love to accuse others of things they didn’t do. Christians and Conservatives have always been hateful and judgmental since post-World War 2. Your admiration of that woman is fine, but then you call someone else “woke”. Anyone who’s “woke” (YOUR choice of words, NOT mine) is a pretty good person to me; it means they’re evolved enough to accept others who are “different”, and that woman was obviously “different” if she helped Jews. The problem is you modern Christians and Conservatives want everyone to think just like you, and I can’t understand how any woman would want to be Conservative or Christian when those groups see women as unequal sub-humans who should bow down to men.

      1. Benjamin Hiatt

        “Grow up and get a thicker skin, you sensitive snowflake.”

        Does this apply to the people OUTRAGED by Gina Carano’s tweets?

        Also, calling all modern Christians misogynists is like calling all modern Muslims terrorists. Maybe you should try painting with a brush that isn’t quite so wide.

        1. JKS1

          Gina Carano was pivotal to the success of The Mandalorian. Many fans of The Mandalorian, myself included, will now absolutely not be filling Disney’s coffers with subscription fees to watch Season 3 due to the completely unjustified sacking of Gina Carano for not bowing down and caving in to pressure from the woke “warriors”. Double standards just don’t apply to Disney’s faceless suits do they?

      2. J.C.

        is a pretty good person to me; it means they’re evolved enough to accept others who are “different” says the Liberal that is telling people to grow up and get a thicker skin? How Hypocrite of you? Women bow down to men??? Are you serious? Only in the Liberal mind. All crazy liberals say they are tolerant and loving? But when someone comes with their own idea or thoughts, they are racist, homophobic, intolerant, Nazis, etc…. I am guessing you havent evolved? Huhh.

    2. Terence paul Flanagan

      These Disney people are cultish and totally delusional. dont waste your time

  4. Dan

    This is just plain lazy. Who cares about some idiots on Twitter.. literally the hellhole of the internet. Wow so you doing some tweets about Pedro and you think the internet broke?
    It didn’t, and you are lazy. What a complete waste of time.

  5. Emery ADAMS

    Sure. Who let this guy comparing Americans to nazis and america to germany get on stage? Not any decent human beings.

  6. Nico

    wasn’t mark Hamill that got grogu. it was Sébastien Sam

  7. Melanie Durham


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