Comments for NEW Disneyland Resort Updates Look Amazing on Google Maps


Credit: Google Maps/Screenshot ITM


  1. tim thomasson

    Jungle Cruise has no water also

  2. KevinY

    It’s not updated on GoogleMaps for iPhone or Safari yet!

    1. T

      It’s not even on Google Maps, it’s on Google Earth… I can see it on my iPad, but on Google maps it is still Bug’s Land…

      1. tim thomasson

        gotta hit the 3d view

  3. W

    But look at Disney World on google earth. They haven’t updated thier location since 2018. Go a mile any direction from the parks and it will show a 2021 aerial view.

  4. jish55

    Google maps hasn’t been updated in years (they still have Galaxies Edge under construction).

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