Comments for Android Users Can Finally Use This Disney World Offering

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Credit: Disney


  1. Julie Miller

    It should be noted that if you have Android 10 or above, you do not have to download the Google Pay or newer “GPay” app if you don’t want to. Just add the pass and tap your phone while the screen is on (doesn’t have to be unlocked) to use it. To access the pass, go to System Settings > Google > Account services > Google Pay.

    And I’ve seen a bunch of this, so I figured it should be addressed here: no, it will not be available for Samsung Pay. Samsung does not have a pass API for their service like Google and Apple do. It also will not be available on Wear OS watches until Google decides to support passes on wearables.

    1. Chadel

      Thank you, you answered all of my questions in your response. Wish I found this an hour ago when trying to add my pass to my watch. Going to stop now ☺

      1. David Willis

        This was literally me for the last 30 minutes. ha

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