MagicMobile Coming to Android Users by End of Month!

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Disney is always finding new and innovative ways to help the Guest experience at the parks. Just when we thought MagicBands were the coolest thing on Earth, we were pleasantly surprised to hear that MagicMobile would be the next best thing! In fact, it is a clever way to enter the parks.

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MagicMobile was created to help Guests enter the theme parks at Walt Disney World with ease. By simply tapping your mobile device to the nearest entry point, Guests no longer need a physical theme park ticket or MagicBand. One great addition that iPhone and Apple Watch have is an express mode, which allows Guests to walk up and scan their mobile device without the need to unlock or open up the MagicMobile app.

Guests must have a valid park admission and a Park Pass reservation linked to their account before entering the park. You can find more information on MagicMobile by clicking this link.

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Credit: Disney

MagicMobile for Android

Although Disney announced that MagicMobile would only be available to Apple users at first, many Android users have been patiently waiting their turn. Now — that time has come!

Scott Gustin took to Twitter to share that MagicMobile would be coming to Android by the end of the month:

Minor update: MagicMobile is scheduled to be available to Android users by the end of this month.

Keep in mind that Disney has not officially announced if Android users will actually be able to use this app by the end of this month. We will keep all our readers informed when Disney confirms this and are excited to hear how many of our Android users will be applying this to their next Walt Disney World trip!

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