Comments for #JusticeForJohnnyDepp Takes Over Twitter as New Evidence Comes to Light

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  1. Tiffany

    Can we all admit finally that she should be charged with fraud as well as abuse and perjury?? This whole fiasco didn’t just cripple his career, but wasted taxpayer dollars and community resources and first responders’ time.

    Two calls that night when they could have been helping ACTUAL victims of violence. And to top it off she’s acted as an “ambassador” and speaker for DV awareness. As I said, FRAUD.

    1. Amber Heard has ruined her career in Hollywood. Besides Aquacrap movie, there is not one project listed on her Wiki page that she is upcoming to work on. Good riddance Amber Heard!

      1. Linda Grooms

        I think amber heard is a spoiled control freak that goes off the deep end when things don’t go her way

    2. Ceasar

      Well said

    3. Alicia Ramirez

      She is just a sick bitch

    4. Sarah

      Don’t forget she has a history of abusing her girlfriends! Don’t know why no one is talking about that. Amber Heard, already guilty of DV. Meanwhile, every former girlfriend of Johnny Depp has stepped up to defend him. How often does that happen even to decent guys?!

      1. John

        It happens because unfortunately for men, women are automatically believed these days. Under the legal statutes of most the police are compelled to arrest men for accusations of domestic violence and there is no legal downside for them to do so. It happens to many people, and a normal working man could be financially destroyed but such accusations.

    5. Sarah

      Let’s don’t forget that Amber Heard has already been found guilty of abusing former girlfriends. Meanwhile, every former girlfriend of JD has jumped to his defense. How often does that happen even to decent guys?

      1. Johnny , love from a gal in Cleveland Ohio , BigHug dear ? … come for lunch , I’m a great cook n a honest friend … be happy … you threw out the trash (AH) it’s on its way to the dump …. better days n people are coming ?

    6. María

      Don’t forget defamation.

    7. Rhena Ferguson

      #justiceforjohnnydepp..she needs to be charge for fraud!!!made that man lose just about everything with this nonsense!?

    8. Jennifer Millar

      So dam true and not for 1min did she run to the police and show any injuries to her in anyway..anyone that has been hurt in anyway would,for sure would want it known n documented in a report n photographed..like come on how can the courts not throw all the bs out n charge her..


    10. Beth

      This court stuff could go on forever especially with the backlog because of covid. Sound ti me like they are somewhat equal idiots.drugs and booze will do that!!!! They both need to wise up!!! For me, I’m a HUGE pirates fan.. will not support any Disney movie if Johnny does not appear as Jack Sparrow!!!!!

  2. Shel

    I don’t understand it. Was anyone there to see the destruction in the apartment? It sounds like they are talking about something they walked into after it occurred would indicate it was violence toward anyone. Also, a wine bottle smashing over and over? Did the glass from the wine bottle break off one piece at a time? Is that possible? Wine stains are impossible to get out of anything. How was it all cleaned up by the time officers showed up? When were either of them in the same room at the same time? How is it that neither alleged victim or friend can be specific about items? If your attacked you know exactly what is broken, how it broke, where it broke, when it broke and why it broke. It’s not going to be fruit and flowers. It would be oranges and roses. Nothing makes sense.
    Why is this affecting Mr. Depp’s career? Disney, please stand up with Mr. Depp to stop the abuse. Destroying the career of a spouse/ex-spouse is domestic violence at its finest! Help stop the violence.

    1. Savage

      An officer was there right after the call went to 911 and reported she saw no signs of a fight. How could a wine bottle smash so many times? Not such a great liar with bodycam footage to dispute her! Things that were reported broken certainly couldn’t be replaced in two hours! Magic of a Hoax!

  3. Kristi Fleming

    Justice for Johnny!! I will not patronize the next Pirate morvie or Beasts movie. Boycott!!

    1. J

      You all backwards

    2. Sarah

      Nah, don’t boycott Fantastic Beasts. WB is trying to destroy that series to get rid of JKR. If the next film does well, they’ll bring back Johnny. Easy to do when Grindelwald so notoriously alters his appearance. They’ll make it easy to bring back JD.

      1. Savage

        Right! JOHNNY DEPP IS IN Fantastic Beasts! ! Fuhgettabout it! Don’t boycott Johnny Depp!

    3. Savage

      Johnny said via Alice Copper he would love us to see him in Fantastic Beasts, he’s excited about it! Don’t boycott Fantastic Beasts you are defeating the purpose! JOHNNY DEPP is in it, he’s got a multi-million-dollar scene in it!

  4. Alberta Brown

    The video in itself proves she and her so called friends are LIARS!! Why was none of this brought up in the UK cases. If she had been a true DV victim I would back her 100%,but with this new info, I feel that Johnny Depp is the victim. She used this DV angle to boost her career. I HOPE EVERYTHING IS SWITCHED AROUND AND SHE LOSES HER CAREER!! I’m so angry right now. #TRUEJUSTICEFORJOHNNYDEPP #AMBERHEARDISNOVICTIM

  5. J

    This is written as if copied and pasted straight from a press release or court filing from his legal team. It’s entirely inappropriate to present one side of an argument in such extensive detail without the context of other documents. The post is lazy reporting at best, but quite possibly part of a Depp PR campaign.

    1. Diane

      Sad person

    2. Brandon

      It also can be heard clearly this was long after the event happened and they didn’t go through the entire penthouse. I’m not taking her side but this isn’t very useful in proving anything.

      1. Rose

        Exactly what I thought. Not on his or her side. Just objectively watching video proves nothing because it was 2 hours later. And like you said, didn’t go through whole place. Two hours is plenty of time do just about anything.

        1. Fc


      2. Zahra Ricketts

        In her and her friends evidence statements they claim multiple things that none of the four police officers saw. In the hallway alone they claimed that doors were busted in, holes in the walls, wine all over the floor, wine all over the walls. In their statements the objects that they claimed were broken can be seen intact in the bodycam footage. She lied plain and simple. I would urge you to read her and her friends witness statements and you’ll see that everything they claimed to have happened did not. I would also add she submitted photes of spilled wine that neither sets officers saw also not seen in the bodycam footage, so when was the wine spilled?

    3. clay

      i agree. way more evidence needed. but i also believe johnny depp is mostly innocent. i believe he may have lost his temper while under the influence and gave her a scare and she decided to take advantage of that and manipulate everything. but, what do i know? i’m not close to these people. i wasn’t there. and it’s shocking to me that everyone is so quick to not believe a woman’s word when she cries abuse. in this day and age we know women are abused all the time. and someone as universally cherished as johnny depp may seem like he could never make such a devastating mistake. but he does have a past with drug abuse. so we shouldn’t be so quick to take his side. all of the evidence i’ve seen is workin go in his favor. but the powerful man that he is could also possibly stage evidence and pay off crooked law officers to take his side. i’m just saying like it is. but i do want to stand by johnny depp. and i hope enough evidence surfaces that proves his innocence and justice is served.

      1. Carla

        Ok simp go sit down!! Yet there are also women who lie and it’s pandering nuts like you that eat it up! Plus IF there was evidence of DV I don’t know one woman who wouldn’t show the cops ACTUAL evidence!! I’m a woman and I know female nature!! Men will believe anything a woman says without ANY factual evidence just go off if her words!!

        1. Fc

          Almost as bad as people who want to remind us to just not have any opinion at all and that people are inherently docile and not horrible at all. Frankly you have no idea how hard it can be to show evidence of your abuse. Do you think people just collect it to look at later? Victims are not in the position of power here. That is why you can’t just ignore accusations. If you think this is a way of gaining power, you might be ab abuser yourself lol

          1. Ellie

            Hey hun but the thing with Amber is that she admitted to being the abuser in tapes she recorded. I have been in that position of being abused and honestly it’s hard to report it but you know Never once I started fights and punched the person expecting them to stay in the room enduring my craziness and then when they walked away completely blame them of abandonment and abuse. Listen to her own tapes she even goes as far as to call him baby for no wanting to engage in the violence and for feeling abuse by her. He say “I had to have surgery on my F..ing finger Amber” then he said “you punched me” Amber said “oh don’t be a baby you’re fine” look up those tapes that is the reason why the one founder of Times Up Movement Fund dropped her support for Amber. So no i don’t think anyone is rushing to conclusions or defending JD just because.

  6. Martin A. Llerena

    Does Amber Heard have anything to say now? … *crickets* … Anything??? … *crickets* …

  7. Daniel W Porteous

    Why defend an actor who joked about killing a president. He is dead to me

    1. Diane Deidloff

      The damage she has done is inexcusable. It helped her career and tainted his long professional legend and career. Give us back Johnny in his iconic roles and Amber needs compensate for her fraud.

    2. Tom Desfosses

      Exactly!…not to mention being a cohort of the MeToo gang till they tried to string him up.

      1. Mindy Kost

        Sadly, will NEVER watch Beasts 3 without him in HIS role. Never miss anything HP related, but I bet Harry won’t watch this new movie either. I was a victim of domestic abuse and my house never looked like that afterwards!! Mr. Depp, I’m with you!!

        1. Sue

          Johnny Depp was horrible in Fantastic Beasts.

        2. Sarah

          If FB3 does well, they will bring back JD. Don’t underestimated JR’S dedication to both her fans (and Johnny’s fans) and to her stories. FB3 will be written in such a way that it will be easy to bring JD back for #4. If it fails, just gives WB an excuse to end the franchise. People who aren’t familiar with JKRs writing don’t know to trust her to pull it together and she “controversial” rn….

    3. S.w.

      Oh, grow up.

  8. Ransom

    I don’t think “juxtapose” means what you think it means.

    1. Anonymous

      Came down here to say the same thing. It bothers me when I see people reaching to use a word they clearly don’t know how to use correctly.

  9. Lida

    She is a liar and has done a lot of damage to one of the most outstanding, and
    Brilliantg actor. Iam sure the whole world would love to keep seeing and following his brilliant acting career. I miss him.

  10. Diane

    In the age of accusations there is too much opportunity for malicious women to make accusations against someone with very little to no proof and be believed.
    And, another thing, enough of colour and vender casting.
    I hope Depp gets justice and Heard becomes the one who has her career ruined, but, people forgive malicious women even when they di vile things, look at Cardi B.

  11. Diane Deidloff

    The damage she has done is inexcusable. It helped her career and tainted his long professional legend and career. Give us back Johnny in his iconic roles and Amber needs compensate for her fraud.

  12. Jason Deno

    soOoooo funny some think this matters to ANYONE ..but them. It was a dysfunctional relationship w 2 dysfunctional people-ECSPECIALLY DEPP!- who left his common law wife and Lily rose (during what id imagine was a sorta ‘midlife’ crisis)-to seduce a barely legal HOT af GIRL(see ‘the Informers’- Amber..whowee! I see why ‘johnny’ did what he did. Guess $ and self importance makes self gratification-“OK” in the eyes of the perpetrator! and..whos his BFF? being cancelled as we speak ..Marilyn Manson..who loved sexually mastering teens(EvH!) Id not want that man around my daughter,yknow? even the association to Manson..is enuff to me to want nothing to do…With anything to do w Manson.. seeing one time tiger beat grrrls ‘defend ‘depp..AS of theyre sitting in these courtooms or staking ppl put in D.T.vans.lol. Its like..the National enquierer Gossip Magazine..has come TO life..lol! #deppisdone #hollywoodvampires(?) lol…what a JOKE that is. lol. k..im done. good times.Ahahahah ?

    1. Shel


  13. LISTEN UP..I Hope JOHNNY DEPP gets JUSTICE. I am on HIS SIDE. Another DELILAH trying to take SAMSON Down.From SamuraiQueen. ???OX

  14. Kathleen

    There is no other Jack Sparrow than Johnny Depp. Period. He was so awesome in the Professor!

    1. Jasmine

      johnny depp is the best

  15. Ceasar

    Well said

  16. Rose Pisano

    Forget that lying B@tch! I never believed any of it ever! I’m very happy for Johnny this footage came public! Now Hollywood needs to kiss ? his @ss & apologize! Lol

  17. Never believed her, so what are the repercussions for trying to ruin a talented man’s career? Don’t worry Mr. Depp, you’re going to soar again and the liars will get their boomerangs. You are a legend what was her name again? ??????????

  18. Tom Desfosses

    How dare you people not believe her…women never lie…sounds like the liberal is getting what he asked for.

    1. karol

      kinda like angie jolie saga—get back at those dudes no mattwr what.

  19. He is the best jack sparrow

  20. Victoria Kincaid

    I agree I love johny depp, he’s one of the best actors I’ve ever had the pleaser of watching. I believe him

  21. Ken

    Hollywood has made its choice.
    There is no changing it, move forward.

    1. Savage Lynx

      Get over it! NO WAY there’s no changing it! he and his team are moving FORWARD!

  22. Liz

    This man has no respect for woman! He cares about only himself and his money! How dare you defend him! Amber is speaking the truth! She doesn’t need his money or drama! That’s the only way to make him responsible and accountable for what he has done! # let the courts see this through!!!

    1. Chelsea

      You are aware that Amber has been the abuser in past domestic violence incidents with both Johnny Depp and her ex-girlfriends, right?! And that she cut off part of Johnny’s finger. So why should we believe what she’s saying? And every single one of Johnny’s exes has defended him. Amber is just a no-name actress that no one knew until she started dating Johnny. Before you make him out to be the aggressor, you should have all the facts.

    2. If your not spamming This is all sad reading most these comments. Except the juxtapose one. Logic dictates in this imperfect country and in the the imperfect justice system you as Innocent Until Proven guilty. The only logical side to take is wait to see what the courts determine. Now they’re both rich so no injustices will occur the evidence will present its self and a verdict will be decided . Then people and those in Hollywood should then make then make statements or publicly scorn anyone. Because that’s how justice works. You are an @ss to take any sides in anything without all the evidence heard and seen is simply moronic. Though this country and justice system is imperfect its the best there is. It’s sad that such a wealthy and advanced land in sadly mostly inhabited by idiots. It permeates every where. And those so in love with Johnny quit acting like the mans a God amongst actors. He has done some awful movies. And has done an awful roles . He is an imperfect person like the rest of humanity. Though his good ones far outshines his bad ones and I have a tendency to like his roles. “Deadman” is my favorite! Stop making gods of celebrities and learn some logic, patience and and try not to chose tribes. That is the biggest hurdle in our country. Is is I’m tribe Johnny and I’m tribe Amber like tribe red vs tribes blue or tribe leftist vs tribe rightist team and any tribes. Get some knowledge and upstanding and tine courage two make your own decisions. Gawd help us all.

  23. Shel

    Then she should donate the funds she promised to sick children and victims of abuse! If someone truly understands what these people go through they would not make a promise they don’t intend to keep. How hard is it to write a check or donate online? Mr. Depp never claimed to be a victim but clearly he was, and still is. Please stand up with Mr. Depp to stop the violence!

  24. RobbieRa

    “and he was like, and the wine bottle, it was like….”
    Sounds more like a grocery list than a traumatic incident.

  25. Rose

    The police showed up 2 hours after they were called? Not Amber or Johnny was there? This does little to exonerate him.

    1. Cynthia

      Not on anyone’s side. And I don’t know what happened bcz I wasn’t there. But if this is evidence, Johnny still has a problem. A) it’s in black and white. As for the wine, ALL hallway walls (especially light in color) have stains and/or nicks and cuts from residents moving furniture in and out over the years, but I couldn’t identify any of those either, and some of them must exist. B) 2 hours after the fact. Wouldn’t you have cleaned up? Would you leave red wine to lay on paint or sit around and seep in really good? Of course not. Or the glass for that matter? It would’ve been cleaned up now. C) some guy in the article (D. Daniel, I believe) wrote that Josh was in socks. He was actually wearing Espadrilles (striped ones). I had actually been wondering what he had on his feet, so I zoomed in for a closer look. D) He also said she was calm, as if that were telling. Of course, it’s been two hours. And as for candles and such still being around. I would think that they had more than just one set. It seemed like those tables had a lot on them. I would definitely say they had a lot of stuff – Again, I don’t know these ppl and couldn’t care less who is telling the truth. But I don’t see that this shows anything evidentiary at all for either side, other than the lay out of part of the apartment.

    2. Savage

      Try watching it before you misrepresent what’s on it!

  26. Fatima

    Justice for Johnny deep

    1. Beth

      This court stuff could go on forever especially with the backlog because of covid. Sound ti me like they are somewhat equal idiots.drugs and booze will do that!!!! They both need to wise up!!! For me, I’m a HUGE pirates fan.. will not support any Disney movie if Johnny does not appear as Jack Sparrow!!!!!

  27. James

    Shes a liar like every woman!!!!! Johnny Depp did nothing wrong but when you are female fake crying and lying everyone believes you. Shes nothing but a liar!!!!!

    1. Jared Williss

      I see the incels are now adding their abundance of wisdom to the debate. That should be everyone’s cute to bug out.

    2. James

      Who hurt you, you sad little man?

  28. Eli

    I went through this but didnt have the cash for
    lawyers.Ten years of lies and defamation until a new judge allowed my 6 year old son’s testimony. Lying bitch got no jail time.

  29. Unfortunately once an accusation like this is made, even if he’s proven completely without wrongdoing, it will be hard to get his reputation back. Something like this will continue to follow his name. #justiceforjohnnydepp

  30. James

    You really need a dictionary. “Juxtapose” does not remotely mean what you think it means. ?

  31. Pathwalker

    First, it never seemed likely that Dept abused his ex-wife – in all the years of his fame I don’t recall ever having heard anything that would remotely suggest such extreme behavior.

    That said, once again, ‘there’s no fool like an old fool.’ Vanessa Paradis is beautiful (still), was a wonderful partner, they share beautiful children – but, NOOOOO: had to have a young chippy – well here you are, many millions of dollars just pissed away. I certainly hope his accuser was a tornado between the sheets at least.

    Although Depp is still a handsome man, at his age recouping that amount of money might not be a walk in the park. (I still think his hottest role was in ‘Chocolat,’ but then I’m old, too.) ☺️

  32. Fc

    I don’t know. I could see pretty clearly the democrats throwing ballots away in these videos. Videos determine all my judgments and confirm my notions so everything in the video must be taken as strict fact regardless of its context or detail.

    The worst abuse happens without being hit, but no one cares otherwise :/

    1. Cs

      Dont care about actor’s private lives as long as they give a good show and Mr Depp always comes thru. She is a terrible person for doing this. She is the C word and by c i mean cunt!

  33. Ray

    Never cohabitate with a female
    Never allow one to have access to your finances
    Never be alone with one without any witnesses

  34. Ray

    He could have avoided all of this by going MGTOW

  35. Jessie

    What really ticks me off is that women must be believed and all men are pigs. It’s 100% sexist. He has every evidence out there that proves he’s the victim. What more do people want? She’s been lying since day one and doesn’t deserve a career in Hollywood

  36. Mary stockson

    Just leave it alone Disney….people-the fans are what brouggt u the money. What will happen next ..not a pretty pic for Walt Disney….may of us just want to be amused by a character watch a great movie because we deserve it. If justice is not given to Johnny Depp and CONTROL FREAKS dont let me have a little happines i will not only push for the boycott of aquaman but there will be a boycott of all Disney

  37. Yes This will definitely help his case. I BELIEVE IN JOHNNY DEPP. Johnny : You. Are always welcome at my house Come to Iowa…. Sandra

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