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jungle cruise trapped safari scene


  1. EricJ

    Yes, Safari Hunters Are Bad, and Totem Poles Are Un-PC, but I can’t believe that even removing Trader Sam in the wake of #TianaToo revisionism mania would EVER make them get rid of “They’re about to get the point…”

  2. JJ Grimes

    Enough is enough! Since when is an Indian racism and the problem is not the attractions the problem is the world we live in. It’s ridiculous how much time people put into this cancel culture bull crap! This is why our country is the way it is now!

    1. Fives

      The Jungle Cruise used to be updated fairly frequently and this is the first time it’s had any significant update in years. How about we stop lying to ourselves and blaming ‘cancel culture’ and just admit that the ride was getting a little stale, needed an update, and this is a great way to do that while also being more inclusive.

      1. Jay

        Inclusive is just another term for cancel culture

        1. EM


          1. Carine

            I like all inclusives. You get your room, all the food and drinks you want and watersports and recreation all for one price. Leave your cash at home. Did someone say Disney is going all inclusive?

      2. Michelle O

        FIVES you can’t hear me right now, but I am applauding your post 🙂

      3. Chad King

        “Rides getting stale, how do we fix it?”

        “I know! Let’s add a latina and an Asian guy!”
        Wow fantastic, a whole new experience lmao

    2. Agree JJ Grimes.

  3. This is for Adventures with Parker, Parker I find you to be quite hostile. And I am confused at how is anything in Disney not inclusive. I believe people are making mountains out of mole hills to stir up trouble.

  4. Michelle O

    This ride needed an upgrade. Disney is going to evolve with the times. Nothing ever stays the same. Change can be a positive thing. Maybe focus on your own life instead of where the totem pole went. Sheesh.

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