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johnny depp as jack sparrow

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  1. Shel

    I’m sorry Mr. Depp has to go to extreme measures to clear his name. I am so proud of him and have so much respect for him. He continues to stand his ground and stand up for what he believes. Just remember everyone has problems. It doesn’t make you a bad person. Perfect is boring and fake. I think the imperfections make you so much more interesting and beautiful. Their words will never stop my support! I believe you.

    1. JS

      Well said!

    2. C. Ma

      Well said, however, no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and most everyone has “skeletons” they prefer not be aired publicly. I strongly feel Depp’s marital issues with Heard was not a reason for Disney to tank him. It was a he said/she said and no one was charged. Allegations of her abuse were founded as well. He had two prior women in his life say they never experienced problems with him.
      Depp’s acting is superb. He literally becomes the character in all his movies. No one can replace his significance in pirates.
      Disney is trying to appease the current “social media” and politically correct people. But, their hypocrisy screams because he remains in their attractions at Disneyland and DisneyWorld and they still sell his character. Cha ching.
      I had no desire to see the first pirates movie, but was talked into going. The only reason I kept watching them was Depp. Jack Sparrow is priceless. Now I have no desire to see the new movice. Millions feel the same.
      Depp still keeping Jack Sparrow with him and still going to hospitals, etc. shows his true character something Disney is too blind to see.

      1. crossfade

        can you remind me what abuse has he done to her? because from everything that has been proven and stated, she was the narcissistic control freak… the media is silent about these and other new revelations…

      2. Joy

        I agree 100%. You said it well.

    3. Their is no jack sparrow without Johnny Depp disney needs to wake up fast most people will not watch it with folpout Depp as sparrow it will

      1. Definitely I will not watch any continuing movie that they take him out and won’t watch any movie they put her in

      2. Mary Reilly

        Let him come back as Jack Sparrow .

    4. Let him with out sin cast the first stone.
      Isn’t that what our Saviour would say.
      It’s 2 sided mind our own business. Let Johnny keep who we all know and love.
      Jack Sparrow.
      If you’re not a sinner than complain, if not give it up.
      God stills loves Johnny and so do we.

    5. Shelley McNamara

      This comment about the beautiful artist and soulfully guided and ever living and learning human being Johnny Depp, who has endured this deeple painful adversity with gracious humility, reconstructive creativity and timeless genius is WONDERFUL! Gratitude and love to Johnny Depp and to all of his loving and wise fellow fans!

  2. Ericka

    He did not lose his appeal because they denied his right to an appeal. Also, you are incorrect about the cast of the 5th installment of PoC. I don’t know why you wouldn’t be aware of major cast members being in such a major franchise. I think those are two pretty big errors in this article. You should fix it.

    1. Nicile Hill

      there is no POTC without Captain Jack period. As for the Disney corporation, they are revolting in their treatment of the man who fought tooth and nail against their “vision” to interpret that character that made them BILLIONS!!

      Financial issues aside, it has been a matter of record that the man is literally the most kind, generous, humble, multi talented actor/musician/painter. He treats everyone with respect, from millionaires to the homeless. When this man shows up to set, the whole crew just lights up at his mere presence. The private investogator his ex wife who was the actual abuser hired a PI to dig up dirt on him going back 30 years and went public to expose her because he was overwhelmed at what over 100 people spanning multiple continents had to say about his character. Not only did not one person have anything bad to say about him, it was the complete opposite. Everyone he interviewed regarded his as their most favorite, fun, witty, down to earth, honest and genuine person they had ever met.

      In had always been a fan of his acting, but frankly in really didn’t know anything about him other than I thought he was definately a cool laid back bohemian guy. However since I started following the scandalization implemented by Heard and her lies which the media just ate up like vultures did I learn the truth about him. I could go on and on, but I suggest you look into the man for yourself. I guarantee you will be amazed at what a heart Mr.Depp has. He is the type of person that probably only comes around once in a century.

    2. Helen Wilmouth

      If he is taken off the new pirates of Caribbean movie then I’m not going to watch it and will boycott

  3. Brant

    I’m proud of Johnny for standing up and clearing his name. Those who’ve been following the case for the last 5 years know he’s innocent of all claims against him. Disney should be ashamed of themselves for how they treated Mr. Depp. Captain Jack is our gift from Johnny but it’s clear it’s a very special gift he can enjoy himself.

    That being said your article is filled with incorrect statements. Both Keira and Orlando appeared in Pirates 5 and Geoffrey’s character was poetically killed off. Last I heard Kiera and Orlando were open to continue their characters story and Johnny had more films under his belt since the last ended on a cliffhanger. But that changes once Disney turned their back on Johnny. You should fix your article.


    1. Delyla

      I think we can all agree that there is no capt. Jack Sparrow or PoTC without Depp. Many women have come forward to Johnny’s defense and been open about how well he treated them. Disney should be absolutely ashamed of how they are teating him. His acting alone made them billions and to think that the new PoTC movie is going to make half us much without him is just ridiculous. The allegations against him are too. I personally am not even interested in seeing the new PoTC if Depp isn’t going to return to his role and I’m sure there are a lot of people who feel the same.

  4. Jill

    Hi,Thanks for this opportunity! Capt Jack waa born out of the heart of Johnny Depp. Capt Jack IS the Pirates of Carribean…No one can take that away or replace that. Always remember JD , that no one can lie about your heart and soul. Thanks for giving back to your fans! Best of luck to him in life always ! God Bless.

  5. Van Hamlin

    I hate to point this out but the Pirates of the Caribbean was morphing into a Harry Potter sequel. There was too
    DAVY Jones and too little actual pirate action. I don’t think there were many female pirates.There were a couple but they probably weren’t any better role models than Captain Jack.
    Maybe the writers should adopt a Gasparilla character to Pirates of the Caribbean. He could take the heroine hostage and fall in love with her. She could turn out to be his equal in pirating. Make it a love story with humor and action ?.

  6. Kathy Johnson

    Why in the world is the world judging him so harshly? We are all deeply flawed and have things that we don’t want the world to know. Why does he have to live under a microscope and you don’t?! His personal life has nothing to do with his professional life. Disney is cutting off its own nose and depriving its fans.
    This new generation of whiners are killing me!!

    1. bruh

      Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan were both in the 5th movie. lmao

  7. Diane

    And yet, the lying, cheating, criminal insurrectionist who was 45 is going to remain in the Hall of Presidents.

    1. They are putting biden in the hall, stupid is what stupid does. this guy cannot read or walk straight.

  8. I for one will not watch any POTC movies without Capt. Jack{Johnny Depp} Sparrow. I not buy ant merchendise rated to any movies without him. Johnny is Capt. Jack, and Capt. Jack is POTC.


    I am a huge fan of Captain Jack. Without Johnny Depp there would be no Captain Jack. I have all the Pirates movies on DVDs and, of course, on streaming and I watch them frequently. As far as I’m concerned Disney should just call the franchise a done deal because without Johnny Depp it’s over anyway!

    1. Ditto to Barbara A Ervin

  10. RobbieRa

    Because Johnny Depp is loyal. He isn’t the one who threw her under the bus. She was worse than him in so many ways in her toxicity, doing nothing to help, she only hurt.

  11. Let him with out sin cast the first stone.
    Isn’t that what our Saviour would say.
    It’s 2 sided mind our own business. Let Johnny keep who we all know and love.
    Jack Sparrow.
    If you’re not a sinner than complain, if not give it up.
    God stills loves Johnny and so do we.

  12. Deborah Durman

    Pirates of the Caribbean could never be without Johnny Depp. His personal life should be private and not interfere with his work ability. .

  13. Deborah Durman

    Johnny Depp should be able to do any movies he wants to especially The Pirates of the Caribbean. The movie is nothing with out him.

  14. If Johnny doesn’t star as Jack Sparrow, NO ONE will watch it. And if that’s the case, I hope Disney goes under. Johnny is by far one of the great actors ever. His strange personal characteristics is one of his greatest assets. Just one thing Johnny…stop smoking please….it ages you much faster, and like myself, can cause heart failure and enlarged heart. Take care of yourself.

  15. Johnny Depp is Wonderful.He has to be the Captian Jack Sparrow. He was the original. Anyone else that would play him would ruin the show. Love You Johnny. Regardless of the turmoil your ex has put you through. She is the jerk NOT you. Best Regards.

  16. Johnny Depp has to play Captian Jack Sparrow. ANYONE ELSE WILL RUIN THE MOVIE!!!! LOVE YOU , Mr. DEPP. Best Regards.

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