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  1. Autumn

    First and foremost do some fact checking.

    Not allegedly her lawyers came out and said she hasn’t donated the money the money donated on her behalf was done by Elon musk or Johnny himself she has not donated a dime from her own pocket there is court documents to prove that also two judges from the court of appeal agreed that she lied about donating and perjured herself and assaulted depp many times oh and another thing she originally did not sign up for a 10 year payment plan to donate the money that was done recently because she got caught lying so now she has to cover her ass. Why cant you do simple fact checking before writing these crap pieces all this information is in the court documents you fail to read. Do some honest reporting instead on writing something that more then likely took you five minutes to type.

  2. Savage

    Yes, it’s all about covering heard’s BIG ASS!

    1. Shel

      It’s an easy google search. Amazing what you can learn when you read. One has been involved with ACLU since high school, even recruiting along the border, way before knowing Mr. Depp. An ex is one of ACLUs top donors, for years. The same person who was advised by Epstein when a company was searching for a new officer, way before meeting Mr. Depp. An ACLU representative is also a talent agent working with celebrities to bring awareness to the ACLU. Doesn’t sound like their serving humanity, sounds more like self service!

  3. Shel

    And so it goes another great thing comes out of something bad. This was very thoughtful to organize and donate. It does so much for the kids and their families from providing relatives with food and accommodations so they only have to worry about their child to covering medical expenses that so many families can’t afford. Well done your heiness! You are KING! ❤

  4. Adam Waldman

    It’s an open secret in Hollywood that Johnny Depp is a predatory paedophile.

    1. Shel

      Pick a new name Poser! You’re way to obvious which is why #NobodyBelievesYou

  5. Sarah Kat

    Omg just like every other “journalist”, you haven’t done any fact checking. Like, at all.

    1. I want to see some actual, tangible proof that AH “donated” $2M to charity, because that’s a lot of horse hooey.

    2. The Depp Community donates to the Great Ormond Street Hospital because that hospital holds a special place in Johnny’s heart because of what they did for his daughter (her name is Lily Rose in case you didn’t know that fact either).
    It is NOT a charity that AH was to donate to.

    3. We raised and donated money to the CHLA Because AH DID NOT. The other charity AH was to donate to was the ACLU. Congratulations @StevieJRaw and community

    4. Amber didn’t “lie”. She lied. Fact. Not assumtion.

    So now that I’ve corrected you, rewrite your article again with the actual facts.

    Johnny is a generous, gentle, kind and warm.
    Amber is cold, heartless, soulless and evil.

  6. Sarah Kat

    Oh, and also, Amber may have “plenty of time” to donate the money… But, do the dying children?
    How many kids are no longer with us that could’ve been saved with the money she would’ve donated but she chose to keep for herself. Think about THAT.

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