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haunted mansion bride

Credit: Kat Cressida


  1. KenG

    I went on Rocket Rods a few times and yes I agree, at the time it made sense. The slow pace of the Peoplemover seemed outdated back then. But like so many things, it became an icon of what Disneyland was and of what Tomorrowland once was – A kinetic “world on the move”.
    I do hope they bring a version of it back one day, but I also think there will be a lot of the younger crowd that just won’t get the history of it or it will be too slow for them.

  2. Jon

    The problem with Rocket Rods is that they had to slow way down for every curve and it made the ride less enjoyable. There were only a few places where it could really open up and go fast, but they were far too short.

  3. Matthew Brewster

    Why does this article contain so much repetition? Also, why wasn’t the HM material covered in a separate article? The way it is now, you can only find it by plodding through endless repeated Twitter posts!!!

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