Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Legend, Harrison Ford, Broke The Internet Last Night

harrison ford han solo

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Bandit

    The director cut is much better because the director assumes the audience have brains. Proving once again studio executives do not.

    For example, I would like to see the original Galaxy Quest version before the idiots decided it had to be a kid’s movie.

  2. Ian

    Harrison Ford is just the best. Period.

  3. Jim

    “married to fellow actress” …

  4. Mary Ann Linsell

    I love Harison Ford no matter what he does. That intro was a class act loved it Highlight of the night

  5. Patrick

    I was wondering why the internet stopped working last night. We were just asking: “Who broke it this time?”

  6. Comments to a blurp about comments to a comment… yeah, everyone is officially retarded now.

  7. Citizen_Jimserac

    Twitter is a Zombie platform, they lost a huge number of users when they arbitrarily banned the President of the United States based on their own feelings and delusional “Terms of Service”, forgetting all about something called the CONSTITUTION.
    They are desperate to regain users and articles such as this one are but a thinly veiled ad to get them back. They will fail because people don’t like being censored based on some company’s “Terms of Servitude”.

    1. Paul

      Awe, jeez, Citizen, do you really not know the Constitution? Show us where, in any way, shape or form, free speech is guaranteed for non-government platforms? Yeah, doesn’t exist. Carry on with your meaningless life…

      Face it, we’re all happier and better off without the orange gibbon lying on Twitter.

  8. Solo

    Little known fact: Hes been on his period since the end of jedi…

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