Comments for Updates Continue on Hall of Presidents, New Permit Is Filed

hall of presidents


  1. Darth Pence

    If they want to do it right, the Trump animatronic should continuously interrupt the other robots while they’re trying to talk.

    1. Tad

      Nah, they’re trying to figure out how to have the Biden animatronic deliver two coherent sentences before from falling asleep. 🙂

      1. JJeff

        Biden is a better role model than lying, cheating, foul mouthed, insurrectionist Trump ever could be. Time to get rid of national embarrassment Trump out of there altogether

        1. Tad

          JJJJJeff – So now Sleepy Joe and the Trumpster are role models?? You need to get out more. There are dozens of better role models in your community, just look around.

      2. Not Matt Gayetz

        Inject bleach…
        Internal UV light exposure…
        Yo Semite…
        We only have one case…
        Everyone who wants a test can get one…

        You get the idea.

    2. SG

      I love it! 🤣

      Trump never spoke a coherent paragraph!

      1. Diane

        Trump never spoke an honest paragraph

        1. Boone

          Hey Di – Check your 401K and bank account before and after the Donald was elected. Everything else is just noise.

    3. At least He was filled with Great Ideas for America and its citizens….His Brain was and is at least functioning

  2. Michelle

    Biden quote: “Like I told Barack, if I reach something where there’s a fundamental disagreement we have on a moral principle, I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign.” By the time the animatronic is done, they may have to make another. LOL

  3. Kelvington

    I’m always confused by this concept that people at Disney are filing permit to make changes to the park they own, in their own government (The Reedy Creek Improvement District). Occasionally I understand when they file permits for fireworks or things that are airborne. But inside the park, who are they filing permits with? And why?

  4. Van Hamlin

    The delay is a smoke screen for the awoken board and huge hedge fund investors who hated Trump. Biden will be placed center stage and Trump will be placed behind Dewey, Huey and Louie!

    Disney is becoming the hallmark for the USSA.

  5. lmariel

    Like it or not, Trump was our President and he belongs in the Hall of President’s. We can not pick and choose who we want to be in it. To be fair they all need to be there. If I could I would tell them NOT to put Biden in and to remove Obama, but again, they were elected….except Biden, that was clearly a stuffing of the ballot boxes. So my choice is “not” to visit that attraction while Biden is the one front and center. Again, my choice as long as I still have the freedom to decide what I want to watch, see and hear. Not what someone tells me I have to do.

  6. KenR

    His animatronic can wear a double mask and sniff a woman’s hair in the front aisle.

  7. Is it fair to add Joe Biden after all the voter fraud ?? 🤔

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