Comments for Extreme Wind Knocks Down Tree at Animal Kingdom

tree animal kingdom

Left Image Credit: Disney / Right Image Credit: (@thatdisneyboi


  1. Elvis

    Doesnt take much to knock a tall tree down that is watered constantly. Hard pan develops under tree like a bowl tree doesnt search for water roots stay shallow and then tree falls from no support over watering.

    1. Jessica Wright

      That’s God’s way of saying, take the masks off and enjoy life, trust in me.

      1. JMH

        How about you try to fight against not wearing shoes? Enjoy life, go barefoot. Who needs shoes! So unnatural!

      2. Do us all a favor and don’t speak for our creator.

      3. Chris


      4. Lee

        Pretty sure your god thinks you’re an idiot

      5. im sure the people dead due to covid would love to enjoy life

    2. Joe

      Bring back fastpass !!!

      1. Staceg

        yes !

    3. Jan

      Florida has a high water table so all Big trees have roots that travel to the sides instead of downward. They have a shallow root system so can blow over easily. If it was a water oak it is possible it was at the end of its life cycle. The tree in the picture looked hollow in the center.

  2. Really

    Not a big deal. Nothing to see here. Now if the tree of life or the pandora tree fell down, that would be a story worth writing about.

  3. Abby

    The backup through Pizzafari was crazy! Its being used as a relaxation station right now, but still, it was bad. A short while later it changed to one-way (into Pandora) and guests who wanted to reach Discovery Island had to turn around and go ALL the way back through Africa! That made for a very long park exit!

    By park close, cast members had brought out barriers and queue markers to block off the area.

    Even so, the cast members were courteous as they helped guests navigate the “unforseen circumstance” as they called it.

  4. Sandy

    You are so right sister in Christ.
    The LORD said there would be very strong winds, and many earthquakes to get your attention.
    Disney is not really a Christian company. Duh!

    1. J

      Then why are you here? 🤨
      Hopefully it’s not to proselytize…

  5. Rich

    Holy Christ! How did this get sidetracked? Don’t you know, it’s not nice to give an unproven diety credit for Mother Nature’s work.

  6. Josh

    What a disaster treedown at Disney world im going give this a very special chair in it’s crap

  7. Jerry

    We were there yesterday during the rain and there was no tree that came down and we left when Park was closing.

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