Comments for ‘Enchanted’ Sequel Adds Trio of Powerhouse Actresses


Credit: Disney


  1. SG

    Oh we can’t wait to see Disenchanted, we loved Enchanted! I’m so glad they’re bringing the original cast back plussome other great actors. I hope the little girl comes back as well she was adorable. She’d be a young lady now.

  2. Mark Kaplan

    Two weeks worth of my salary says this film will be riddled with SJW agenda and all the male characters will be dumb down like the Kathleen Kennedy Star Wars and every sitcom Disney produced with their all conquering whamen narrative. If I’ve learned anything from sequels like The Incredibles 2 & Ralph Breaks The Internet, it will be a complete opposite of the original film and characters unnecessarily rewritten regardless of everything that was said or did at this point.

    Anyone want to call or raise?

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