Comments for Disney’s Cheesy ‘Star Wars’ Knockoff ‘The Black Hole’ Is Worth the Watch

black hole cast

Credit: Disney


  1. Stephanus Surjaputra

    I did see it and I liked it. I remember getting a model of VINCENT.

    1. Alex Lue

      I would love to get a model of VINCENT! He’s one of the quintessential Disney props from the 70s.

  2. EricJ

    I saw it on opening night after months of 70’s-Disney stoked hype, and I feel uniquely qualified to say…it’s not worth it.
    Except for the John Barry score and opening credits being WAY better than they need to be, you’re never NOT aware it’s a 70’s Ron Miller film made two years after “Return From Witch Mountain”.
    Or, more specifically, that the script was left around since the mindbending 2001 days, and dusted off for aforementioned Star Wars mania.

    (Oh, and there were five reasons Xanadu was made, and none of them have to do with sci-fi. But that’s another discussion.)

    1. Alex Lue

      I totally respect that. I’m a big fan of cheesy Disney movies from the 70s, and this might take the cake. There’s just something about them that you have to love.

  3. Tim

    The film – like Star Wars – was filmed in 35mm anamorphic not 70mm. The prints were blown up to 70mm 6 track stereo for their release in premiere houses like Grauman’s Chinese theatre where I saw it on opening day. It was spectacular. An actual curtain covering a gigantic screen, an overture, and no commercials or previews prior to the film. It was exhibition with true class and showmanship – which is sorely missed today. Btw Star Trek TMP played next door in the main theatre – also a 35mm blow up to 70mm. Viewed in the context of their time they weren’t bad in that setting before home video really existed.

    1. Alex Lue

      That sounds magical. I wish going to the movies today was like going to the movies then. They’ve almost lost all of the magic…

  4. Nachtwulf

    This movie is just so… so… 70s. I -saw- it in the 70s too, and was traumatized by it (largely just because I misinterpreted the villain’s beard fluttering in the breeze (in space? idk?) at the very end as him having had his face blendered to ribbons by the robot Maximillian… but regardless.

    I wonder if it couldn’t stand a remake a la Disney+. Sure, it’d be less 70s but there’s a really good movie in there under the surface. They’d still need to find an actor for the antagonist that can chew the scenery with that much panache, though.

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