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disneyland resort annual pass

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  1. Theo

    Anything about new Disney World annual passes?……..Crickets.

  2. kathy atwood

    Hope it’s not a lie… not going back until new passes are out.

  3. Kara

    Ugh. Hopefully no payment plans. Disneyland should be for everyone, not just locals!

    1. Kaya

      lol That makes no sense. If there’s no payment plans, the chances are still the same for non-locals. And it still wouldnt be for everyone with it taken away.

    2. Ahu

      When payment plans started, that’s when the overcrowding became a huge issue.

  4. Baub

    Glad to hear they APs are coming back but feel a lot of people won’t be happy with the options IMO. I don’t know but I’m thinking all passes with be some sort of flex pass as this has been rumored. Also wouldn’t be surprised if payment plans are eliminated. We’ll have to wait and see but what ever it is, I’m probably getting one. Have a great day all!

  5. Corey

    AP’s were only created to keep Disneyland at a certain capacity. With the restrictions in place and pent up demand their is no reason to bring them back. Once they stop selling out the park constantly they will come back slowly at a greatly increased cost. 1099.00 for a flex type pass plus 299 for parking add on. Then once attendance needs a boost again then a unlimited pass will be back three years from now.

    1. Dad

      Hahaha. Look at the availability tomorrow qhen the park opens back up

    2. Randall Garcia

      Biggest and loyalist fans? Sounds expensive.

  6. Elena

    I shudder to think what the new annual passes will actually be…lots of blocked out days and no parking for even the most expensive pass…and long gone will be the days of spontaneous decisions of going to Disneyland…so sad

    1. KM

      I doubt we’ll see blockout dates at all. The Flex Pass was a test to see how people responded to the idea of reserving their day at the park, and it worked very well. Expect to see the reservation system stick around. It gives Disney more control over their capacity, and allows them to limit the number of passholders without completely blocking whole passes. It’s a great compromise.

  7. Melissa Salgado

    I seriously hope season passes come back with payments, as someone stated before Disneyland should be for everyone.
    I kept my pass for years and was even Grandfathered in with my parking. I can’t wait to take my Bean with me. Friday’s were Nana and Bean day at the park.

    1. With a ” woke” administration these should interesting at Disney! I wonder if the AP program will be about equality or equity ? Walt always believed in equality.

      1. KM

        You knew Walt! That’s awesome!

        1. mm

          @KM lmfao

  8. James

    The AP’s ruined Disney.

  9. Mike

    They need to bring back the E ticket concept.
    One base price to get you in the gate, with a limited amount of passes for rides. Then if you want to get on more rides you pay more.

    1. Nick Stasiak

      A total e-ticket concept is/was impractical, limiting one thing (some of the rides/attractions) while not limiting overall park population makes little sense. If it worked well across all of the parks it wouldn’t have gone away.
      The AP system wasn’t perfect but it was better than pay as you go. Plus it was money in the bank for Disney.

  10. Doug

    I’ve been an AP holder for over a decade and the Disneyland Resort became like a second home where we can enjoy the parks, have breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, buy snacks, clothing, knick knacks, etc. Taking the passes away really bothered me. Disney is going to notice the missing 2 billion dollars in revenue from cancelling the AP program and coming up with some awful replacement AP program.

    1. I totally agree with you

    2. KM

      If they were concerned about missing the revenue, they wouldn’t have cancelled it. The fact is, AP’s make them *much* less than day ticket guests, and cause a *lot* more wear and tear on the park. I’m sure they’re not concerned, they’ve been trying to walk back the AP program for years with price hikes and rule changes, this just gave them the window to get control of the beast.

      1. VW

        You sound like a bitter person, commenting on everyone’s comment that goes against what you think is acceptable.

  11. Tamara Dowd

    Disney needs to think long and hard about what to include in the new annual passes. Make too many loyal Disney fans unhappy and the other attractions in Florida start to look very acceptable!

  12. Mike

    The AP’s ruined Disney. Way to crowded and the passholders were entitled.

    Disneyland is not a 2nd home.

    Plus Disney makes very little from AP’s who pay a few bucks a day to get in.

    Disney makes the majority from out of state tourists who spend more and pay full price tickets while staying at the Disneyland Hotels.

    1. Nick Stasiak

      Passholders were “entitled” for one reason and that’s because Disney created, approved, and offered that entitlement for a price in the form of an AP. Anyone who was willing and able to meet that price could and should be able to use the AP, within the rules, anyway they deem fit. And, that includes treating like/ thinking of it as a second home.

  13. Rebecca

    I think you should make a pass for seniors as we only stay a couple of hours when we visit. We go to have our favorite chicken dinner, ride a couple rides and do a little shopping. We would love it!!!

    1. Esther

      I’m not a senior, and I still did this with my husband 🙂

    2. KM

      I think this is pretty much what most passholders do. That’s why the parks were so much more crowded in the afternoon/evening.

    3. Don

      That’s an outstanding idea. Most of us seniors don’t go on a lot of rides but we do spend a lot of money on meals and in the stores.

  14. HollywoodF1

    The new plan will most likely be an expansion of the pilot plan they were running before the shutdown. They created a pass that had fewer blockout days and made it a reservations-based pass. Because this made it possible to control access without using price as a deterrent, the pass was less expensive. The pass was popular and still permitted same-day spontaneous access on many off-peak days. And if you’re not a fan of overcrowding, you really don’t want to be there on the days when they don’t want you there.

  15. Lisa

    To many parents just dropped off their kids every Friday night.

    Disneyland is not a babysitter.

  16. I’m a Legacy PH and can’t wait for news for a new program.

    1. KM

      You and 500k of your closest friends.

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