Comments for Disney Relaxes Rules For Resort Beverage Refill Stations

disney refill mug

Left Image Credit: ITM / Right Image Credit: Angelica V.


  1. J.J.

    Great news. Now let’s get all the restaurants opened back up and get the dining plan back!

  2. christine lee stubblebine

    i agree

  3. Anna

    Yay…?That’s great news

  4. Rich Leiberman

    Hope they stock up on Mr Pibb my wife Jan Wahl drinks 2 liters a meal.

    I am a tea man myslef.

    If you see an ugly bald man who looks 80 with bulgling eyes its me.

    rich leiberman
    bay area ca mysogonist and miserarable person

    emailme at a $10 buds on me

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