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Both Images: Credit ITM


  1. Abraham

    I was at Disneyworld last week and early this week. I definitely saw a difference in crowds between last week and this week, but the parks still seemed to have decent attendance. “Steady” is a good word for it. On Monday, Splash Mountain still had some wait times of 70 minutes, but last week Friday I think it was up at 95. The Spring Break crowds in Downtown Disney were surprisingly large for COVID times, but not crazy. I’ve been in the World of Disney Store on Christmas week in the past and it was insane. The lower capacity and the regulation of people going into the store made it much nicer to shop.

  2. John

    Was told by one cast member that attendance is pushing closer to 50%. Given the closure of most of the shows that would pull crowds off the public areas, foot traffic might be the same as normal. Our recent visit (4/13-16) didn’t look any different than two years ago. Wait times were marginally shorter, but social distancing put the lines out in the sun more.

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