Comments for After Years of Universal Poking Fun, Did Disney Finally Respond?

jungle cruise

Credit: Screenshot Disney (left) @Imagineer999 (right)


  1. KenG

    This is a stretch….Literally and figuratively!

    1. Reasonable Guy

      Agreed. I don’t think Disney takes their cues from Universal. That’s like a filet mignon taking its cues from a Dairy Queen hamburger.

  2. Jeromie

    Let’s not forgot the constant jabs from Bill and Ted over the years. That show was awesome.

  3. Beth

    For those of us who are Disney fans through and through, Universal’s remarks just confirms that Mickey has more class!

  4. MrSkipper

    “With that being said…”

  5. Tactical Hotdog

    Those aren’t raptors in River Adventure, they are Compys (Procompsognathus)

  6. Tim Gildersleeve

    slow news day, huh?

    this is pathetic.

  7. Melanie Durham

    Alessa, please don’t take this the wrong way….you use, “that being said “way too often in your articles! I do enjoy all of your articles! Please keep writing them!

  8. Matthew Brewster

    How is that two monkeys fighting over Minnie’s shorts an insult against Universal? What a “stretch!”

  9. Lady Chaos

    THANK YOU!! I was just about to say that! Compsognathus Dino’s are like 3 times smaller than a Velociraptor 🤦🏼‍♀️

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