Comments for No Trams Running, But Disney Adds Magic to the Walkway!

disney magic for tram route


  1. Cynfi

    What transportation will be provided for the disabled, since they are not able to walk that distance?

    1. Mad

      Exactly my question. I have no lower extremities and my partner pushing me that far 1st thing in the am and back at close is unacceptable. Pretty sure this does not meet ADA standards

      1. Leeann Jacket

        They have wheel chairs where you would normally get on the tram.

        1. Lila Held

          A wheel chair won’t do it unless you have someone capable of pushing it all day. They say they have ECVs as well but it sounds like you have to rent either of these and the ECVs are pretty expensive.

  2. Ric

    It was a huge disappointment that the trams aren’t running from the parking structures to the park. I had to push a wheelchair the entire way . Going in was bad. Coming back tired at the end of the day was horrible!!

  3. James

    You know what would be even more magical? If Disneyland spent some of the money that they’re raking in from their $25 per vehicle and replaced their tram fleet. That would be extremely magical!!

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