Comments for Reported Disney Resort Guest Becomes Victim of Shark Attack

vero beach exterior

Credit: Disney


  1. Sue

    Ocean waters have sharks- news flash 😂

    1. Jenn

      Right?! Stay in the true Disney bubble which contains critter-free pools. Disney hasn’t gotten around to extending the bubble to all their lakes and ocean yet.

  2. TacoCat

    So now I guess it is Disneys fault there are sharks in the ocean? Waiting for the law suit and settlement because he was not told about possible sharks. 🦈🙄

    1. Nick

      If it was a Disney shark there may be an up charge.

  3. Mark Kaplan

    I only came here to see if there are going to be baby shark references on the comments.

  4. Danniella Constant

    Fr people hybrids . Turn abnormally into other things .

  5. Ligma

    Once you enter the ocean you are now part of the food chain.

  6. Tamara Dowd

    Sharks in the ocean, not controlled by Disney, go figure.

  7. Diane

    He probably thought it was the shark from Finding Nemo, oops too late, it’s a real one and who’d have thought sharks live in the ocean.

  8. DeeDee Love

    Dammit Universal!!! Stop trying to muscle on to Disney’s turf!!! lol

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