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  1. J. Brelner

    Anyone with half a brain would know that this was going to happen. Pulling the plug in Aaia is phase 1. U.S. and the U.K. will follow. The handwriting is on the wall. I guess I don’t blame Disney for doing this, but that doesn’t mean I like it. I loathe “the cloud” and Disney is the worst. Need I remind everyone of the “airbrushed” hair covering Daryl Hannah’s derriere in the movie “Splash”? I’ve seen edited versions of “The Simpsons” with dialog being cut (not to mention the debacle of 16×9 vs. 4×3 format). These are just a couple of instances of Disney oughtright censoring what they deem – objectionable material. So what other films and TV shows are they editing, that we are unaware of? Is Netflix or Prime doing the samething? How would you know, unless you’ve seen the content before and are observant?

    Lastly, a “cloud service” should have consistency of available titles. I want to be able to watch something, confident that I can always watch the same content whenever I want. I don’t want to to partially watch a movie, get distracted with daily living, go back later and find the movie I wanted to finish watching gone from the cloud. There is no consistency, no reliability, no assurance that I’m watching content – uncut and unedited.

    I buy physical media, but at some point, bluray and DVDs will be phased out. Samaung doesn’t even make DVD or Bluray players anymore, so I also have several players as well. I am constantly looking for DVD movies to stockpile, whatever interests me. Its likely when a particular disk sells out, studios will not be doing a re-release. On that point, I enjoy the Simpsons and have the first 20 seasons on disk. Fox Studios (etal Disney) has said there will be no further releases on disk of the Simpsons for seasons 21 – 34. The Simpsons is currently on season 32 and will run through at least season 34. 32 has not been so hot and by Disney’s woke policies – Carl Carlson, Dr. Hibbert and even beloved Apu suddenly have new voices. It makes me wonder how much fans will tolerate before they stop watching. I curse the day Disney acquired Fox Studios.

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