Disney Fans Must Add This Castle to Their Bucket List!

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Craigievar castle

Credit: National Trust for Scotland

There are fewer things more iconic to Disney than the show-stopping Cinderella Castle in Walt Disney World.  From its blue and gold turrets to the super popular Cinderella’s Royal Table dining experience, there is nothing not to love about this beautiful castle.

cinderella castle disney world 50th
Credit: Disney

While it’s clear that Walt Disney was a creative genius, have you ever wondered where he got the inspiration for one of his most famous castles?  According to the National Trust for Scotland, one of the inspirations for Cinderella Castle came from Craigievar Castle in Craigievar, Scotland, just three hours from Edinburgh.

A stone wall with Craigievar Castle in the background
Credit: National Trust for Scotland

According to the castle’s website,

Begun in the Scottish Baronial style around 1576, this iconic tower house is among the best preserved and the most loved in Scotland; its exterior remains virtually unchanged since William Forbes completed it c1626. Craigievar was a family home until the 1960s, creating a quirky blend of cosy interiors and rare antiquities within the ancient walls.

Looking at the beautiful turrets and style of this castle, it is easy to see how Walt could have drawn his inspiration for Cinderella Castle.  What sets this castle apart from others is its unique pink color.  In fact, this distinctive castle has recently earned the top spot in Lonley Planet’s 2021 U.K. destinations.

Walt Disney World is currently renovating Cinderella Castle to give it a rose gold hue, which will make it look even more like Craigievar Castle!

cinderella castle
All Images Credit Zach Riddley via Instagram

While Cinderella Castle is looking pretty amazing with its new pink makeover, it is not the only pink castle in the Disney Parks universe.  Sleeping Beauty Castle at the Disneyland Resort in California is also painted in a fairy tale-worthy pink, although we are pretty sure Merryweather would have preferred it blue.

disneyland sleeping beauty castle
Credit: ITM

Craigievar Castle seems to have been Walt Disney’s inspiration for possibly more than one castle.

With travel restrictions being lifted throughout the U.S. and U.K., Disney fans should make sure to add Craigievar Castle to their bucket list! You can click here to book your next Disney-inspired trip. 

Would you love to go to Scotland and check out this amazing castle?  Let us know!

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