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Country Bear Jamboree

Credit: Disney


  1. EricJ

    …You don’t even know WHY you’re retheming this one!

    It’s a Telephone-Game of associations:
    – Splash Mountain gets a retheme during BLM-Mania ->
    – What will happen to DL’s Critter Country? ->
    – Country Bears used to be the hub attraction of DL’s Critter Country ->
    – WDW’s Country Bears needs to be rethemed!

    (What, next it’s going to be Pecos Bill’s restaurant, or Big Thunder?)

    1. Barbara Ervin

      If you ask me Disney is carrying the whole ‘diversity’ thing too far! It is, after all, impossible to please all of the people all of the time!

  2. James

    Last I checked, Appalachian culture has very little representation in the entertainment industry. How does axing its only representation at Disney make Disney more diverse?

    1. Michelle

      Excellent point! Seems more like “diversity” cherry picking, doesn’t it?

  3. CJ

    I have loved this show for a long time. Was super excited to see it while in Florida in February. The only two songs that should be changed is: “Momma don’t whoop little Buford, I think you should shoot him instead “. And Big Al’s song which wasn’t long after the other song. Yikes.

    1. Charles Allen

      I disagree with changing anything. Normal people can handle it. You can’t control what abnormal people will think.

  4. Chris

    How about going back to changing the show for summer (vacation hoe down) and Christmas (Christmas Jamboree)?

    Oh, and bring back the full version of the original.

    Those are the changes I would support.

  5. Gunk Deepo

    Hey, we can replace Mama, Don’t Whoop Little Buford with an Orville Peck song or something. Update the robots? Sure. That’s fine.

  6. Alexi

    Honestly wondering – what is the particular point of an article like this? Is it for the sake of putting out content and generating clicks by resembling a report on something that’s occurring even though nothing is actually occurring?

    Is it like Batesian mimicry in animals but for journalism or is it like Trump speak, alluding to something controversial and then quickly saying ‘I don’t know’ for the sake of stirring the pot?

  7. Rob

    Most outdated attraction at the park. Just a horrible show…can’t believe it still exists. Love WDW, hate This show

    1. S1

      NOTHING is outdated. And please stay away from this beloved show. Less waiting for me and the real fans.

  8. Michael Faussett

    All I can say is please leave this show alone this is the only show i enjoy watching at Walt Disney World resort and please leave Dinosaurs ride alone too.

    1. Michael Smith

      In four parks this is the only dark ride show you enjoy? Maybe Disney isn’t a good place for you

  9. cid404

    The beats are ‘creepy’?? Seriously?

  10. Kelia

    I personally don’t think all the original Disney attractions should be removed and updated with shiny new things. Leave some history to this place.

  11. Corey

    I don’t love getting rid of Disney Classic attractions, but this is one I could care less about. Won’t hurt my feelings if they just get rid of it. Out of all the times I’ve been to Disney, I’ve only seen this show once – and that was enough.

  12. I am getting to the point I do not want to go to Disney anymore. BLM started screwing things up with it’s cry baby crap. People in other countries have suffered a great deal more in recent times. Why don’t we just destroy everything to do with our past. Let’s go back to the stone age. At least back then only the critters had anything to whine about.

  13. Cynthia H

    We saw it last week for the first time in years. It has some nostalgia for me, but at least 2 songs don’t seem appropriate for the times we’re living in. My kids were generally not impressed. I think if it stays it could use some freshening up.

  14. Paul

    If Disney wants to keep it then it’s in serious need of a technology and cultural update. Personally, that’s what I’d like to see. But I can also imagine Disney taking a fresh look at it and doing something very different, still in theme with Frontierland.

  15. Larry

    I only watched it once and found it to be more annoying than entertaining. Its an attraction I’ll never revisit. I don’t care what they do with it.

  16. S1

    How about keeping it and bringing back the full original version and Christmas show instead? Maybe things shouldn’t be changed and this whole “the parks must change” ideology should go away instead. Maybe the parks actually are museums.

  17. Barbara Ervin

    Country Bear Jamboree is great the way it is! IMO Disney is carrying diversity too far! BTW, for those of you who may not know, Blood on the Saddle is sung by Tex Ritter, father of John Ritter!

  18. Tobe Kelsey

    LEAVE IT ALONE! Stop trying to change things. This is ridiculous. All the things you are wanting to reimagine, for whatever reason, are iconic. Walt Disney imagined these to life for the world to enjoy. By destroying his work, you are taking away what Mr. Disney wanted to give us all…imagination, dreams, fun-family moments to remember forever.
    It’s one thing to freshen the paint or replace warn down clothes or fix broken equipment and props. But to take away and replace is wrong.

  19. Corndawg

    Big Al Rocks! Leave Country Bears the way it is!
    Everyone in my party knows that it’s a must do when we are at MK

  20. Leif Vargas

    I don’t believe it is right to retheme the Country Bears. Not only is it a classic attraction, but it is going to be replaced with a inferior product. Yes, aspects of the attraction are outdated since it is from the 70’s, but it also has that craftsmanship from the 70’s. Disney still makes good attractions, but the older attractions are still their best thought out attractions. We will never get a show like Country Bears again, because Disney doesn’t challenge itself to create original characters for the parks anymore. If we lose Country Bears to a Toy Story Marionette Show, we are just going to lose classic Disney characters and we’re all going to be sorry. I feel they could add new country songs to the attraction, and we should consider updating over retheming. #SavetheJamboree

  21. Charles Allen

    Saying the lyrics are inappropriate for children is incredibly dumb. The first time I heard them, in 1974, I was a child and I’m pretty sure I’ve grown up to be a well-adjusted member of society.

    I enjoy the show each time and, while the jokes are corny, the show is fun and is no danger to children or society at large.

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