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john walker as captain america

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  1. Michael A

    Wyatt Russell is a no talent hack that wouldn’t be working if it wasn’t for nepotism.

    Like all the Hollywood elite children. That town doesn’t let the truly talented get screen time. It’s who you know, related to, or certain religion that gets you the work.

    Until that all changes the golden era of Hollywood will never come back.

    1. Real Deal


    2. mkkl

      I think he’s pretty talented.

  2. Paul

    I love to hate the new Cap! He’s exactly what one would want and expect from a strong guy trying to fill Steve Roger’s shoes. He’s insecure, defensive, and always trying to prove himself. And he’ll never be able to pick up Mjollnir. I think Wyatt Russell is doing a pretty decent job portraying this, and I think it’s great that he’s got a solid perspective of his character’s role and letting the criticism roll off him.

  3. KM

    The problem is that these characters have no build-up, Hollywood tries to shoe-horn them into these roles and expect us, the audience to accept them. Take Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) or Star Wars – Rey Skywalker (Daisy Ridley) for example. No backstory and yet they’re the most powerful characters in their respective universe. Ridley is at least likeable but Brie Larson comes off as boring, arrogant, even in interviews. Steve Rogers had a great back story and you saw him grow into the role. This skinny little kid from Brooklyn fighting to get a shot. The new cap has his backstory explained because they don’t want to waste the time building him up and how he got there. The show seems pretty good so far but the new cap is lacking in all categories. I’m not sure that the UP resemblance was meant as a compliment either but I guess even bad press is good for some people. Hollywood has just become a recycled mess so at least they’re trying something new.

    1. Jimmy Jo Jom Jom

      No offense and I agree with the captain marvel thing but I mean lots of superhero movies are like that. With Rey it’s established that she can fight with a stick and that she could be a pilot bc she scavenges for parts. I think the point for the new cap is that he’s unexpected and he obviously won’t replace cap for long because of his purposefully cringe worthy acting. They added him randomly as a shock and you don’t even need to know his backstory.

  4. Jc

    He was never intended to truly replace Cap people… The entire story arc is that the gov and he will try to force that down people’s throats to no avail, he’ll continuously male morally questionable decisions and become more and more brutal, potentially physically clash with Bucky/Sam/Steve Rogers, before relinquishing the Cap mantle and settling into his real role as US Agent, essentially the Blackwater operative foil to Cap’s Star Spangled GI. He’s doing a great job through that lens, I don’t get the hate. And Wyatt Russsell has talent – check him out in Goon 2 he’s great. He was a legit hockey player too, give the guy some slack he can’t choose who birthed him any more than any of us can.

  5. Brandon Wagner

    “Up” was a great (and perfectly mean) comparison to Russell in that costume. My first thought was “Popeye” and spinach! Surely the crew at Marvel could have streamlined the costume so he didn’t look so awful?

  6. Robert

    Any comic fan knows he’s MEANT to be hated.

    And SPOILER:

    John Walker will stop being Cap America and become US Agent.

    1. Jack Worton Jr

      Finally someone in this thread gets it!

  7. Ernie c

    Keep “up” the good work Wyatt. Your killing it as the new Cap. Ppl forget this is just a show, alot of new stars get their start on tv shows. No one will ever replace the original Cap. And your doing a good job proving it and I mean that in a good way because I know you wont be C.A. forever.

    1. OGThor

      Yep, he’s “killing it”, alright!! ??

  8. Max

    John Walker was cap for a little while, then he ended up becoming US AGENT

  9. Jason Kostrzewa

    Pretty sure supposed to hate the new Cap. They’ve written him to be unlikable. Pretty sure his character is supposed to become a villain, so that either Falcon or Bucky becomes the new Cap.

  10. OGThor

    Yep, he’s “killing it”, alright!! ??

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