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Bob Iger Disney+

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  1. Andrew

    I hope they don’t give up on movie theaters. My best friends and I live miles away from each other. The theaters have always been more convenient places to meet at than our houses.

  2. Chris

    The problem is this strategy is killing movie theaters. You already gave seen Pacific and Arclight shut down permanently because of this type of stuff.

  3. Thomas

    The thing is people are started to really ache to get out to a cinema and get back to some sort of normal. Streaming is fine, but going out for something to eat then onto the cinema is a treat and something to look forward to. You turn your phone off and watch the movie, if you stream you don’t pay attention as you’re constantly checking your phone. I think as vaccinations role out and life gets unlocked more streaming will decline, at the moment while people are locked down it’s an easy escape, but as with Netflix recently reporting a drop in revenue Disney will also see this. Fair enough, ‘Luca’ is already confirmed as going straight to Disney+ but I hope that ‘Encanto’ goes to the big screen and I can’t wait to see it and embrace my local cinema.

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