Don’t Post Your Boarding Pass Online on Your Next Disney Vacation

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If you are heading on a Disney World vacation soon, here is a tip that may be helpful to know before your plane takes off!

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During the pandemic, if there is one thing many have wanted to do, it’s travel. Now that traveling is becoming more common, especially to Disney World, Disney Guests may get excited and want to tell everyone on social media that they are about to hop on a plane and head to MCO.

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A popular trend that occurs not only when traveling to a Disney theme park, but really, anywhere, is to post a photo of your boarding pass on social media. From boomerangs on Instagram stories to photos on your feed, seeing someone showcase their boarding pass tells their followers that they are headed on vacation! For social media, posting a boarding pass is almost like the first chapter of your trip, as you continue to document it online.

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Most recently, Popular Mechanics posted as to why Guests traveling should not post that photo online. Before you head to the Most Magical Place on Earth, (or soon, the Happiest Place on Earth, as Disneyland is beginning to reopen as well), you may look at your boarding pass and notice a six-digit code. This code can appear on any boarding pass, but if you notice it, be sure to keep it off-camera.

The article noted:

Noam Rotem, a security researcher based in Israel, recently exposed a flaw in at least one online booking system called Amadeus used to facilitate arrangements between travel agents, booking sites, and upward of 200 major airlines. The flaw (now said to be fixed) allowed those of nefarious intent to hack into a person’s data using little more than the six-character code printed on a boarding pass.

“Just by guessing PNRs I was able to access personal data and change contact details of customers,” Rotem explained to Popular Mechanics in a direct message. “This was confirmed by both El Al’s VP and the Amadeus team.”

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Amadeus controls many airlines, including United Airlines, which is a popular airline many Guests use when traveling to Disney World. All of that being said, it seems that this issue has already been detected and corrected, however, it may be safest to always keep that information to yourself from now on, knowing that there have been issues before.

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So if you want my go-to airport shot before heading to the Walt Disney World Resort for a fun-filled week at Magic Kingdom, eating at EPCOT, living my best Star Wars life at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or exploring a safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, it is to order my favorite Starbucks drink and snap a selfie in the airport!

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Have you ever posted your boarding pass on social media before heading to Disney World?

If all this travel talk makes you want to hop on a plane to ride the Magical Express to your Disney Resort before it concludes its service, click here to book a magical vacation today with an authorized Disney vacation planner! With the 50th anniversary coming up there has never been a better time to say hello to Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in front of Cinderella Castle! 

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