Comments for Fan-Favorite Disney Coaster Experiences Prolonged Closure

Big Thunder Mountain

Credit: Disney


  1. Hollis

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is in Frontierland, NOT Adventureland as your article states. I should know, I was part of the Grand Opening Cast Member Crew. Thank you.

  2. Holly

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is located in Frontierland not Adventureland.

  3. Ben Harper

    These attractions close all the time. These carts are not not “stuck on the tracks”, they’re locked for safety reasons and only unlocked when it’s time to return. Stop sensationalizing something as simple and common as attraction downtimes. There’s nothing wrong with the ride.

  4. RobinD

    I’ve been going to WDW for over 40 years and we hit the parks hard. While at least one commenter mentioned that downtimes are “simple and common”, I experienced a downtime issue once in over 40 years. I guess it depends on your experience whether it’s common and maybe luck has been on our side. Thank you for sharing your writing talents; it was interesting to read how long BTM was down. Have a beautiful day!

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