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WandaVision finale

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  1. Darth Critiques

    It was good, but the biggest problem with the finale (and this comes from having avoided spoilers and reading fan theories), is that it was very clear that the writers of the show, while wrapping up the central plot line (Wanda’s grief) were just as equally interested in what comes next, which is fine for a teaser or a dangling plot thread to keep us hooked, but huge chunks of time were spent on (what we now know are) new stories to be told in the future.

    This is the core of any disappointments with the resolution, because we are left scratching our heads going, “But what about this– and what about that? And what happened to the other thing?” only to have the answer be the same for every question which is “Stayed tuned for next time’s exciting installment of Marvel’s FILL-IN-THE-BLANK (next show, next movie, next season).

    Again, not a bad conclusion to the central story, but was the entirety satisfying? Possibly down the road it will be, until then, perhaps a few too many unanswered threads left on the table.

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