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Universal Coasters

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  1. Michael

    The Decepticoaster is the exact same layout as the Hulk so you can’t really compare the two!!!!

  2. J. BARNES

    Coaster enthusiasts know Cedar Point is the place to go for coasters.

    1. Deadpool

      After visiting North American parks for 40 years and riding 600 coasters I can legitimately disagree. There are several parks today that are known for their coasters, and you don’t have to be the one park that teens think of to be the best. Many “enthusiasts” and industry professionals alike (and I fit both categories) know Cedar Point, while a unique location, is not the end-all-be-all for parks. It has changed a lot in the 40 years I’ve been going, and most guests represent a dataset of a variety of ages and want a park with things for everyone. Today CP is nothing but coasters and concrete (with a handful of spin-and-pukes) and that’s enough to keep teens entertained, but honestly only about half those coasters are stellar (Maverick, Raptor, Vengeance and Magnum lead that group). Most guests are brainwashed into thinking that a B&M is automatically the perfect coaster because they are ok with smooth and boring equivalent to driving with your window down (Raptor like most of their inverteds is a wonderful exception). Even Holiday World blows them out of the park since EVERY coaster there is outstanding (including their wing coaster). CP is a far cry from the balanced family park it had been until the 90s when the cedars started disappearing along with family attractions, shows etc. It’s become a teen playground which is sad because that is exactly what drug Six Flags’ reputation down (abandoning theming and family attractions for the sake of dropping coasters in everywhere they could). Add to that the bastardized versions of classic rides that DID survive all the changes (Blue Streak), and what their parent company did to Geauga Lake (which many will never forgive them for) and you’ll run into more and more whose feelings toward The Amazement Park have changed greatly. Today it’s a big gimmick that sells well to the public who believe that it’s the leader due to the number of coasters. Even Kings Island has managed to remain a better overall park even after Paramount came in and completely ruined its charm. Of course Orion didn’t need built since Diamondback had already filled the void of a crowd-eating B&M hyper, but that’s another story for another lifetime. Cedar Fair sure loves their B&Ms.

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