Comments for Universal Raises Prime Parking to $50, But Is It Worth It?

Universal Orlando

Credit: Universal


  1. Amanda Reynolds

    Nope. $50 isnt worth at all. I disagree

  2. Greg grant

    I wonder how much longer this country can survive with all the GREED that keeps eating away at the hard working people’s money!


      This is NOT a needed thing lol. A vacation is a luxury so there’s that too. Nobody just randomly raises prices. They research and poll.

  3. Shawn

    It depends. I have the annual pass with free parking and only pay the extra for Prime when we want it. If we are only going to be there for a few hours (whichbis rare and usually on the day we are going home) then we don’t pay it. However, if we are planning an all day and then possibly dinner at CityWalk at night, it is absolutely worth it! The last thing you want is for your car to be stuck up on the top levels of the parkade all day in the Florida sun. Trust me, we’ve been doing this a long time.

  4. Randy Horner

    Nothing but greed. What the hell is wrong with theses people.

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