Comments for As Disney Stores Close, Toys R Us Doors Will Reopen

little girl wearing polka dot minnie ears

Credit: Toys R Us


  1. John

    It’s not the same Magic as the Disney stores the Disney store should not close at all Target is not Disney Magic, I’m happy toys r us is comming but for most people unless your live in California and Florida we are far away from the parks don’t close the Disney stores

  2. Jim

    The Disney stores of today are cute, but really small. I miss the Disney stores of 10-15 years ago when they were larger and had a bigger selection. But either way, only the one in NYC was really magical, and even that got diminished when they moved from 5th Ave to Times Square.

    As for Toys R Us, I miss it, but they’ve been talking about coming back literally every year since they closed, and thus far they’ve only opened a couple of mini locations, one of which just closed, so I’ll believe it when I see it.

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