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  1. Greg Murray

    I somehow ended up with tickets for the wrong day, after waiting for over 7 hours. DL said no refunds

    1. Thomas

      Sad to hear that. I would keep calling back and ask for a supervisor. The ticketing system seem glitchy to me. Either that or sell the tickets and rebook for your availability

  2. Cj Brown

    That Bill has the support of Buena Park (Knott’s Berry Farm) also in Orange County, an a neighbouring City to Anaheim (Disneyland / DCA). Universal Studios Hollywood (Universal City) in Los Angeles County, is supporting the Bill.

    If America can hit it’s benchmarks for vaccinated the population (and keep Covid-19 under control), then Theme Parks will slowly go back to being normal in California.

  3. Thomas

    First Disney should have had a least one day advance sales for “legacy pass holders” at a small discount. I kept checking the touch of Disney Page starting at 12:20 am March 4. I checked every hour approx. Tickets opened up at 9am. The check availability button appeared. After 1-1/2 hours I was able to get tickets for March 18th. It had paused and I thought it was sold out. later I tried to get more tickets for a later date but Disney kept telling me the card could not be authorized even though AMEX showed the charge ? Disney Really should have done something like this back in July. They should have done it to put cast members back to work and for us the fans. Look forward to the event.

    1. Carrie

      I don’t think AP’s need special treatment. I live in WA and would have flown down had I gotten tickets. There are loyal fans everywhere. If anything they should have given out of state first chance, as we need to make travel arrangements.

      1. Amber Davis

        I live in WA too, and was planning on getting tickets; but I got mixed up on my dates and thought today was the 4th🤦‍♀️ I’m so bummed!

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