Comments for Disney CEO Confirms More ‘Tangled’ Coming to Disney Parks

tangled flynn and rapunzel in gondola with corona and floating lanterns in background

Credit: Disney


  1. EricJ

    What happened to changing Disneyland’s Carnation Plaza to the Corona town square, back when the movie came out?
    (And all the fan complaints that they were trampling on one of Walt & Lily’s favorite areas of the park?)

    1. Matt


      Wow they turned stage area in the park that was mainly used at night for swing dancing, and converted it into a princess themed stage area that is used during the day for shows and is also used at night for swing dancing… What’s the difference????

      Jeeze do you have to complain about everything???

    2. Jessie

      “the now-famous Tangled themed bathrooms at Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park give Guests a taste of Corona when they visit a Disney theme park property.”

      That’s, uh, unfortunate phrasing.

  2. Indy

    That area at Disneyland does contain the tangled tower right in the center. So it does indeed exist at Disneyland in a small way.

  3. Sandra

    We need a Tangled ride in the USA, please!

  4. David Kinsman

    I would rather see more projects in this country first

  5. Bryan

    Why does everything have to be Disney World? Why not give Disneyland more credit I believe in Walt Disney”s Vision for Disneyland because I grew up going there. I really think Disney needs to get back to Western American culture and step away from Asian culture. Not that I have a problem with that but I think we as Americans have forgotten what made us a nation in the first place.

  6. SG

    I agree with y’all, start here in the USA first. Disneyland and WDW. Then the other worldwide parks.

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