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Left Image Credit: Disney / Right Image Credit: ITM


  1. EricJ

    Apart from the bathrooms–which happen to also be a nice picnic and recharge area for all the Liberty Square/Frontierland takeout–I don’t have the faintest idea what else you COULD do with Tangled apart from the Corona Square:
    Tangled’s not a dark ride, it’s not a coaster, Merida already took over Rapunzel’s art corner in the Rose garden, and there’s already a Snuggly Duckling on the cruise ships. Even the Armchair Imagineers must be stumped at this point, with their other two first ideas gone.

    1. Darth Ideas

      Maybe they could finally replace that outdated and racist Peter Pan atrocity of a ride with a harmless, jejune family friendly woman empowered trip through Tangled land?

      1. EricJ

        And WDW’s not a “Hall of Fame” for Disney movies, so Tangled’s not being “downgraded” or “snubbed” to only get a service area–
        It’s a THEME PARK, meaning, it’s a park with themes, and if a park has to have a rest area, it’s better to have a themed rest area than a distracting un-themed one.

        There’s no one at WDI saying “Frozen, you’re our hit, you get a new-expansion land…Black Cauldron, you suck, you get a food stand near the Teacups.” 😉

      2. Harmless and jejune, sounds dull and boring. Tired of woke or politically correct on drugs.

      3. S1

        How about no? NOTHING is outdated and Peter Pan isn’t racist. Maybe we could leave things as is and appease purists and let those who get offended call the park “stuck in the 1960s” and boycott all things Disney. They won’t be missed.

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