Comments for Rupert Grint On Rowling: “Sometimes Silence Is Even Louder” 

j.k. rowling (left) and rupert grint holding daughter (right)

Credit: J.K. Rowling Twitter/Rupert Grint Instagram


  1. AlvinF

    people defend rowling for her hateful comments and faces no consequence. Why wasnt Gina Carano given the same treatment? Double standards are what leads to promoting hate

  2. Let’s stop the MADNESS of over deciphering every Humans comments unless they threaten any group in anyway . After all we are still Human Not Robots. I don’t think we are ready for Robots Now ARE WE????

  3. Regina

    Rowling didn’t say anything hateful or “phobic” — she talked about the actual reality of what is happening. Do some research people. A large vocal group of “trans” people advocate for the rape and murder of “cis women” just because we exist, especially lesbians. Stop acting like they’re a helpless group of people. They’re not. All anyone actually has to do is read her essay on why she spoke out. Never thought I’d see the day when women in the year of 2021 would be silenced. Harry, Emma, Rupert — they all need to just read her comment sections on Twitter to see why she spoke out. It’s filled with some of the most vile comments anyone should ever endure. There is a huge difference between women fighting for their rights, and the rights of underage children not to be transitioning, vs actual “transphobia.”

  4. Jon Wise

    Ungrateful backstabbers, the lot of them. The truth gets you cancelled these days.

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