Comments for Was the Return of Cal Kestis Just Confirmed?


  1. Samuel Rodriguez

    The game is third person, not first person ! Bruh !

    1. Juan Rojas

      To answer simple the question of the title…. NO. The return of Cal Kestis was NOT confirmed. Its just another sensacionalist article to generate clics.

      1. Alex Lue

        Shoot! Force of habit (been playing a lot of Cold War lately, haha!). Thanks!

  2. Mike

    You may wanna make a quick edit, the game is 3rd Person, not 1st.

    1. Alex Lue

      Got it. Thank you for the catch! Such a “Force” of habit (been playing a bit too much Cold War lately, haha).

    2. Justin chippendale

      I want the fallen oder 2 the 1 one was so fun to play i have played it lots

      1. Alex Lue

        It’s a great game! I’m really hoping they’re another one

  3. Pecush Tresmar

    obviously i want a sequel but if they return to canon galen marek for jedi fallen order 2 as the new villain

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