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  1. Johnathan Pitcock

    I feel the same as JK Rowling and I completely agree with her view on this particular topic. I love Jo and the magic she brought into my life. I will defend her until my dying breath, bc she and anyone else is entitled to their own opinion about anything, that’s what is great about Freedom Of Speech! I’d probably be dead if not for Harry Potter and therefore, I praise Jo and Thank her from the bottom of my heart..

    1. Penny Powell

      I love JK and the magic she has brought into our lives. She has an opinion just like everyone else. If you don’t agree with it then speak your peace, peacefully no need to curse and act immature. I will ALWAYS support her.

      1. Jenni Gaines

        Totally agree!

  2. Ohhhdear

    A person can change their clothes, hairstyle, mannerisms, and physical appearance. But you cannot change your DNA. That’s a fact, no matter what the current culture wants you to think.

    1. Witherwings

      Exactly. In billions of years on planet earth, mammals have never actually changed their sex. Anyone is free to present as a different sex if they like, but in doing so they do not literally become that sex. If everyone accepted that scientific fact (which we all did until five minutes ago) none of this cancelation controversy would exist. I ❤ JK Rowling.

      1. Exploding Snappish

        Clownfish, wrasses, moray eels, gobies and other fish species are known to change sex, including reproductive functions. Stop spreading misinformation.

    2. hufflepuffxravenclawgirl

      uhm its also a known fact that trans peoples mind are more like the gender they said they than their birth gender

  3. Ron

    Who cares what these celebraties think they are just people like the rest of us. They can have their opinion and it doesn’t affect their art

  4. Suzy

    I think she is a very talented author, but why use your platform to point this out. There may be some truth to what she says but we should try to be compassionate enough to try to accept a transgender person’s decision to be a different sex without pointing it out.

    1. Witherwings

      The world has gone foaming-at-the-mouth mad if they find anything hateful in Rowling’s or Fiennes’ words. Even this article is nonsensical, stating that Watson, Radcliffe, and Grint have spoken “in support of LGBTQ”. Actually, they have not. They have spoken in support of T, which is at odds with L and most of G! There is no LGBTQ community because those groups have opposing needs/beliefs. And JK Rowling has done nothing to impede the rights of anyone in those groups, nor has she expressed bigotry toward them. These are all facts, like them or not.

      1. hufflepuffxravenclawgirl

        and thats where you’re wrong…she has said many tjings against trans and even showed support for a shop that goes against LGBTQ

  5. Andro

    The irony that Voldemort, an allegory for Hitler, would side with her on an issue of identity is the greatest irony in literary history since Lewis Caroll laughed at imaginary numbers. JK Rowling doesn’t have a stance on Transgender people, she has bigotry. This is not about equal opinions or sides. Across sociology and medicine, the consensus by an overwhelming majority is that there exists a difference between gender and sex.Trans men are men and trans women are women. Please stop portraying transphobia as a legitimate viewpoint.

    1. Ur seriously referring him to as voldemort?!?!

    2. Dobby

      No one said you had to agree with her. I honestly don’t. But just because she’s famous doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have the same right to post whatever belief or opinion she has. And remember no one said you had to follow her on any platform and to my knowledge she has never gone and said hey you have to follow my Twitter. If you don’t agree with me you can’t read my books. She never said that so why be bent out of shape

    3. Sean - not a coward

      Incorrect, my good commenter. I believe that the VAST silent majority needs to begin standing up to this broken mentality.
      Medicall science has spoken on this issue. Countless times. Social science has had a good run at pretending, but is reeling from their mistakes on this issue. And the children of 2 generations are suffering the internal turmoil, internal hate, crushed confidence, increased suicide rates, irreparable developmental stunting (both mental and physical) and countless other yet-unknown consequences of humanity running this crazy experiment and will be lucky if they are able to sire even one more generation who doesn’t need coddled to the point that invites dictators to step up and take over the freedoms of the general public. You cannot any longer rely on bandwagoning. You can’t just continue to play make believe because it pairs well with the victim mentality of those who are so unburdened by actual hardship in their life that they need to CREATE issues to introduce some new way to show their ‘uniqueness’. Well, you can if you want… But you will continue to feel, and BE maligned. And for good reason. It’s a bad operating system fraught with self consuming viruses. There isn’t defensible logic in these arguments. It just comes down to feelings. So…. The only thing you deserve is sympathy. Sympathy for being an unwitting test subject in humanities craziest social experiment ever. And many people won’t come out unscathed, but it’s time the huge majority of people who have remained silent on these issues stops the illogical, inhumane negligence. Bad operating systems need deleted. They need reprogrammed. How’s that for some Orwellian irony. 😉

    4. Laura

      She’s not talking about gender IDENTITY, she’s talking simple biology. A person’s chromosomes determines their hardline gender, something indefinable inside determines their gender identity. She would defend your right to be called “he”, “she”, or “they” to the bitter end. She is just saying biological gender does exist though it isn’t the final determining factor in how someone lives their life.

    5. James

      The only one that I see being hateful or showing bigotry is you Andro, she is 100% correct. You can identify as a ham sandwich for all I care but you can not change your scientifically proven DNA no matter how much surgery you get out or hormones you take.

  6. Liz

    Will always be a fan of the author as well the actors and actresses in films . Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and shouldn’t be critized for disagreeing.

  7. Tina

    She is 100 percent entitled to her own opinion without any reprecussions.That’s what it means to be American right!? Freedom? What she said might have offended some people but she is absolutely right!

    1. Tim Gildersleeve

      …she’s British. Idiot.

  8. Paul

    You’re entitled to an opinion that can’t be factually disproven. If it can be, then you’re just wrong. And no you aren’t “entitled” to that “opinion” just because you don’t like that fact that you’re wrong.

    Anyone who thinks biological sex in humans is strictly binary needs to get some education in human physiology. Try this search, “biological information about cis and trans gender”. Lots of good articles but scroll to the one by Harvard.

  9. Tim Gildersleeve

    world will be so much better when silly ignorant Karens finally die off

  10. Skippy

    Certain people hate her because they think she hates certain people. That only makes more hate. You can disagree with her without being hateful.

  11. Jeanjeanthevillagequeene

    Those who value humanity, kindness, and liberty, those of us who are truly tolerant stand against only one thing: intolerance.

  12. Corey

    Totally support JK! I’m so sick of this cancel culture BS! She can say what she wants! So what if it offends a few people- they’re going to have to get thicker skin. I’m offended that there’s a black only section on Disney plus- I think this is racist, but I’m not going to cry about it.

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