Comments for Pixar Employees Reportedly Demoralized With ‘Luca’ Skipping Theaters

All Images Credit Pixar


  1. of course they should be upset this looks like it would be a good movie and it desearves to be in theatres, pixar movies are always the best and seeing it in theatres is even better, disney is being unfair to pixar its like they don’t even care about them anymore, i relly hope disney changed there minds about this film.

  2. Frank Coufal

    I think Pixar has a perfect right to be upset about what Disney’s doing to their films. Personally, I’d be upset if I spent years working on a film that I put so much passion and heart into only to get sentenced to streaming at the last minute. Pandemic or not, I think Disney’s making a huge mistake giving Luca the same treatment they gave to Soul last year, and just when more movie theaters are starting to reopen. As much as I hope Disney might change their mind and release Luca in theaters the same day as Disney+, it would be nice if they gave both Soul and Luca a wide rerelease in theaters after the pandemic is over so that everyone can have the chance to see them on the big screen. They both deserve better.

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