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johnny depp in pirates

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  1. EricJ

    Although, to put it in historical context, it was one of three park-based movies planned, and the Country Bears Movie had just bombed disastrously at the theaters, with only the Eddie Murphy “Haunted Mansion” left.
    Also, in ’03, the biggest Hollywood financial flop of all time had been “Cutthroat Island”, a horrendously bad 90’s attempt at a pirate blockbuster with Geena Davis.

    I recall audiences audibly snickering at the first POTC: Curse of the Black Pearl teaser trailer, but Depp’s immortal sinking-ship entrance changed everything.

    1. Kristal Thomas

      Without Depp ALL interest is lost..

      1. Joanne Matthews

        I agree I only like them because of Depp.. I will not be watching any made without Depp so the new one is doomed to fail without him #jhonnydepp should be in the new pirates of the Caribbean movie full stop.

      2. Decker

        This scumbag sucks so much

      3. Decker

        I always hated this franchise BUT with him gone ill reconsider

    2. Ty

      No idiot you’re thinking of the foo gooneys! Your just an amber heard simp. I’m willing to bet you $10,000.00 It blows the box office out from my inside sources.

      1. I wont watch Pirates of the Caribbean wirhout Johnny Depp.
        I am glad the Pirates movies were a success

        1. Ester

          I’m with you!

        2. Barbara E BURWELL

          I agree no Jonny no movie.

      2. Don

        If you can’t write a cohesive sentence then stay away from the comment section. Do you seriously think a margo robbie potc movie will fly. You might as well reboot cutthroat island and have geena davis cameo a scene. Worse idea ever.

      3. Andrew

        Amber Heard is garbage and a crazy ho…….way nuttier than Depp. When does that psycho get punished?

    3. Ashley Brown

      I’ve been watching Pirates of the Caribbean since the films first started. Evening during the time when Johnny Depp was starring as “Witty Jack,” then becoming “Mr. T,” in Sweeney Todd. To say that Depp is a talentive actor dealing with character situations is goal worthy task.

    4. E

      Johnny Depp did a damn good Job playing as jack it sucks that he won’t play him anymore

    5. If Johnny Depp doesn’t play Captain Jack Sparrow it will fail. No one will watch or buy it. Watch how Fantastic Beasts movie does now that they let Johnny Depp go. It will fail!

    6. Andrew

      Cutthroat Island? I remember Waterworld being the biggest financial disaster of all time. I know Ishtar, Rambo III and Total Recall were massive financial failures also. I worked at a movie theater through the 90s, I remember Cutthroat Island, but I don’t remember it losing more money than Waterworld, Waterworld’s failure became a punchline in the 90s, that’s still joked about today

  2. Susie White

    No johnny. Will not watch. He made the movies.

    1. John

      Exactly, it’s like making Indiana Jones movie without Harrison Ford. It’s doomed to fail, bring back Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

    2. Kristal Thomas

      I agree Susie.. 0 interest if Johnny isn’t in it..

    3. Dorian Leonard

      It made it because Johnny Depp gave his heart and soul to the movie and made that part his own. Without Johnny, there is no Pirates, and I won’t pay to see anybody else play his role

  3. Shel

    I wrote a comment about manipulation and love. The weird thing about that comment is it’s not what I intended to write, maybe the first and last sentence but nothing in between. It just came out of nowhere. It was simple and very true, but I didn’t look at it that way until after I wrote it. I think it was a message i needed to hear. But now I see just how important that message is.
    My favorite version of Mr. Depp is him playing music with his band, Hollywood Vampires. Even if he continues to act he looks and sounds like his heart is exactly where it belongs with his band. They all do. You can tell they are doing what they love by the way every great artist compliments other great artist. The messages in their lyrics is powerful. You could feel their passion, it’s amazing! Almost as if you’re part of the story.
    Sometimes it takes a few wrong choices to lead the heart to where it belongs, but once it’s there it’s yours. No one can take it from you.
    I hope this goes through. My Google is broken, causing issues on my phone.

    1. Jen

      Much agreed Shel!

  4. Chase Jenkins

    No one’s watching a feminist POTC like you can’t seriously expect this to work can you?

    1. Andrew

      Did Kathleen Kennedy get ahold of this franchise too?? Lol

  5. Chris Wood

    I see no sense in rebooting an already established serise. Make a prequel or or a trilogy beyond jack sparrow. Let Jack die befiiting a pirate, in battle at sea. I think the people would be open to the idea of a new female prirate, if Jack gets a send off that they will like.

    1. Jen

      Absolutely! I even wrote a letter to the Bob’s asking for just one more film with Johnny as Jack. As long as the give him a great send off I am open to different story lines without Jack. I refuse to accept Dead Men Tell No Tales as our final adventure with Jack because you can clearly tell Johnny’s heart was not fully in it. He was going through so much with AH at the time it showed in his performance and that just wasn’t the Jack I fell in love with. One more, end it right, and I’ll move on.

    2. Kristal Thomas

      Without Depp ALL interest is lost..

    3. cheryl stackhouse

      Johnny Depp is and always will be Captain Jack Sparrow. I am and have always been a fan of potc, but will not watch a reboot, especially with female pirates, if Jack Sparrow is left out. He made potc what is is. Disney and many others are punishing him for something that has not even been proven, just something that a paper reportedly said, which they should have not been allowed to publish without proof. Allowing his ex to carry on without reprisals for what she has also been accused of is wrong in so many possible ways.

      1. sTiKyt

        Well that’s how feminism nowadays work, women act shameless and nobody is stopping them

    4. Andrew

      No, I female pirate is gonna suck. Disney feminizing Star Wars was a disaster, but people were able to still swallow that pill……they WON’T want this…..a film revolving around a female jedi is one thing……sorry but it won’t work with Pirates. The only people who are gonna love that are Kathleen Kennedy and a bunch of lesbians……last time I checked Hollywood wasn’t making movies to appease feminists

  6. cheryl sutherland

    I WILL watch for sure!

  7. Kristal Thomas

    A female pirate?.. FAIL?

  8. Cj Brown

    Well, the Characters Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) and Davy Jones (Bill Nighy) are dead – so why the fu’hell bring them up? (lol) ?

    If anyone watched the last Pirates Film, it felt like a hand off (my opinion) to the Characters Henry Turner and Carina Smyth taking over the franchise. ??‍♂️

    Team Disney screwed up by not working immediately to adapt another set of Pirate movies with Brenton Thwaites and Kaya Scodelario (so basically what’s the point having Johnny Depp back? or any of the other Characters besides these 2?)

    1. Justin

      Davy Jones is alive. Remember the ending to the last movie?

  9. Randall

    Doomed to fail. Key characters gone. No way to transition. My kids, grandkids have all said no to any following movies without the main character. My associates at work also . So by the rule of 10, the franchise will sink.

    1. Christina Coates

      Its a fail without Johnny Depp!!Please stop with all political correctness !!Why does it have to be a woman for the next spin off!!Even everything up I suppose !!Sick of all that!!If it aint broke don,t fix it!!

    2. Andrew

      Yeah……Disney is on that trend now……they think that feminizing Star Wars worked (it didn’t, the sequel trilogy is a horrendous pile of hot garbage) They turned Star Wars into a womans world and filled it full of a bunch of bumbling idiot men who can’t do much right and need the woman to come rescue them. The only competent male lead was Adam Driver and he’s evil…..don’t think Kathleen Kennedy did that by accident. So now they are gonna try and feminize another big property……people wouldn’t accept female Ghostbusters, and they expect audiences to accept chick pirates? I hope it fails miserably, along with anything else Disney gets ahold of…..get ready because Indiana Jones is next in line for Disney to rape and ruin.

  10. d3bug

    No Depp, No interest. He made those films big… nobody else.

    1. Mary J Boucher

      He was Awesome I remember going to work telling everyone to go see this movie I can’t count the times I went and saw it I won’t pay to see one without him.

  11. REH

    If the ‘Pirates’ movie doesn’t have Depp then don’t bother!

  12. Sherry Majors

    I agree no Johnny I won’t watch it

    1. Wanda

      Johnny made The Movie! I Still watch it All the time..DVD Set..That other movie Ur Making. I wont watch it & Neither will my Family or Friends..

    2. Mr Colin Ellinor

      Bring back Johnny Depp the best or not worth watching .. long live jack sparrow ?

  13. ZOD

    Not a fan of Disney making decisions on the outcome a personal court case. Disney needs to quit overstepping their bounds before I give up on their brand entirely.

    1. I wont watch Pirates of the Caribbean wirhout Johnny Depp.
      I am glad the Pirates movies were a succes l0

    2. Wanda

      Johnny made The Movie! I Still watch it All the time..DVD Set..That other movie Ur Making. I wont watch it & Neither will my Family or Friends..

    3. Andrew

      Dude you couldn’t be more right. And while we’re at it someone put a muzzle on Kathleen Kennedy and tie her up so she can’t do Star Wars more harm than she already has. Someone stop her, she’s currently in the middle of ruining Indiana Jones!

  14. Allison Tune

    Don’t have the slightest desire to watch a pirates film without Johnny Depp. HIS CHARISMA-and quirky unique character makes or breaks the success of this series
    Personally I watch films for the story.. I don’t give a damn about an actors political or personal life just if the movie entertains me Hollywood has gotten too damn politically correct and have forgotten the true purpose of Hollywood which is to entertain the population

  15. Humera Shafaq

    This is Captain Jack Sparrow who made this franchise what it is now and it definitely will never be the same without him. We want our Captain back.

  16. Hope

    Good. Depp is a mess. No humanity left in Jim, he can’t act. Too much plastic surgery. Too many drugs. Too many years acting like he was immortal.
    I hope the series does well without him. Good action, mediocre writing.

    1. Darlene

      It won’t do well without him. Get off your high horse. Do you know Johnny personally? No, I didn’t think so. Quit believing everything you read in the tabloids.

  17. layla

    There is no Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp

  18. Celua

    Amber Heard was the one to blame for Johnnys finger injury….And for me and my Family we won’t Watch without Johnny You just can’t…

    1. JM

      I’ve always liked pirate movies so I was glad when these Disney pirate movies came along. I like JD also. He truly needs to get his life together though. No JD, no POTC.

  19. Daniel Monreal

    No Depp, no interest.

  20. Loretta

    When you have something or someone who makes the product what it is Why?
    would you change it up
    Unless you want it to fail..
    Disney either really needs to rethink this or replace the person in charge. .

  21. Sonya

    I love jhonny depp since his very first appearance in night mare on elm street his career has only gotten bigger and better i loved him as captain jack sparrow and edward sisscor hands and the new 1 as the first villian in the harry potter world amazing creatures and where to find them he should be
    Allowed to finish the grindelwald performance they letting amber herd finish the aqauman movie the should let him reprise his roles in his contract with disney its not fair i knew when he married her she was going to bring him trouble he should have stayed with vannessa paridis shes was with him for over twenty years and she never once accused him of anyhthing. i love potc and i love j depp.

  22. Mich

    I loved the pirates movies. The first one brought back childhood memories of the ride at Disney. But I have to say I don’t think the movies would be the same without Jack Sparrow. And Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow!! No one could replace him. I honestly wouldn’t see another one of he wasn’t in it.

  23. Alysia

    For the live of everything he made that movie it would not be as good without him so leave it alone on the ride. Quit being so pans these says y’all get but hurt over too much. Cant Ou guys think of something better and more constructive to do with your time.

  24. This movie will not get off the ground without Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. It will be a flop without him. As far as his past with Amber Heard she has tried ever since the split to destroy his career as an actor. I don’t believe half of what she says and neither does most of the movie goers. I recommend bringing him back it’s the only way this movie will be successful. Just give the people what they want
    It’s that simple.

  25. Anon2612

    I was a huge fan of Disney growing up but seeing how they have dealt with Johnny Depp and others previously, I have lost all interest. Even a six year can tell that Ah is an absolute liar. As for potc with Johnny, there is no future without him. He is what made it and not having him will break the franchise. End of

  26. Barbara E BURWELL

    Everyone in the movie was great. It all comes down to Johnny Depp who made the Movie the Success is was and is. No Johnny they don’t need to waste time and money no one will watch it be a flop for sure. Johnny made the show the Success is was and still is. I won’t watch without Johnny.

  27. Anne Henderson

    Jonny Depp is Pirates of the Caribbean without him you don’t have a movie

  28. David L Langston

    Once again, today’s Hollywood shows that it knows squat about entertainment. POTC a flop, I don’t think so.

  29. Bernetta

    Yes, this franchise is nothing without Depp. Any attempts to continue will fail if he doesn’t return as Sparrow

  30. Dee

    Yeah i will not watch without Johnny he made the movies this is so sad. Will not be the same so not watching without him.

  31. No, Disney isn’t considering rehiring him if gets a UK retrial because the UK court didn’t grant him a retrial. He now only has the Virginia trial and hopefully Disney will watch the Virginia trial, because it’s Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard. And I suspect Johnny Depp will win. The Virginia trial starts in April 2022.

  32. JM

    I’ve always liked pirate movies so I was glad when these Disney pirate movies came along. I like JD also. He truly needs to get his life together though. No JD, no POTC.

  33. Teresa

    No Johnny Depp and no Captain Jack Sparrow, the POTC will flop. Disney will definitely not be making the millions and billions they did with Captain Jack!

  34. Simone

    The theme ride was & is still my favorite ride. The movie was the icing on the cake. Johnny is the wonderful yummy filling inside. When Johnny appeared in the ride people went ape shyt which says ALOT!!! Screw Heard because she’s not telling us the complete truth, she lied about donating 7M. Let Johnny do what he does best. Yes that’s a quote from the movie! Good day

  35. Andrew

    Won’t let him back unless he wins a retrial??! It’s funny that nobody sticks up for Depp, considering that Amber Heard is flipping crazier than he is. Why don’t they start talking about all the crazy stuff SHE did? She shouldn’t be getting any respectable roles either. She needs to be punished in this also. No more of her crappy movies would be a benefit to the rest of us, cut her down to roles where she just shows her boobs and her career will fizzle out. Wait, no, I’ve got a better idea!!! Stick them BOTH in the movie together!!!! Lmao

  36. YES! I am thrilled this franchise made it! But still won’t watch the movies unless Johnny Depp is Captain Jack. NO Robbie whoever will EVER be the Captain. The movie will FAIL. Bring back Depp He belongs in Pirates 6 and beyond

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