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  1. Elizabeth

    Anyone have any knowledge of being turned away at 2pm due to capacity issues? Or is a pretty safe bet you will get in? Also can you leave the park you have a reservation for and return without issue?

    1. Joe

      No problems yet and yes in and out of same park all day…

  2. Joe

    I go to the parks every week and if you think u can do all ur must do’s and eat in 4 hrs .. u must be only doing about 5 rides… I say 4 hrs because you have to allow time to get to the next park if u want to be there by two.. and if the big Tix attractions are up over an hour wait not sure how anyone could come close to 7 rides and as far as park hopping there is no way u walk into Hollywood studios after 2pm and not see almost all rides over an hour…

    Bring back fastpass and then set them up for the 2nd park … Then maybe the park hopping might be ok… And hey Disney if you going to keep the reservation system around maybe let annual pass holder reserve 5 days .. but really fastpass is more important!!!

  3. nina g

    Hello everyone!
    We are flying from Virginia and wants to visit the magic kingdom on June 8 unfortunately epcot is the only opening. We are considering buying the park hopper. Whats the chance of not getting to magic kingdom? I was told tgat we should just check the app if it’s available for a hop after 2

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