Comments for Only 15 Minutes Indoors? New Rules May Impact Disneyland Rides


Credit: Disney



    Who comes up with these stupid rules based on feelings, not science like just about everything that has to do with handling the population during this China virus in so many states.

    1. Fara

      Your calling this problem the “China virus” is based on a feeling called bigotry, and not science. Try thinking about that.

      1. C

        This disease came from China and resulted directly from Chinese cultural practices regarding food preparation and consumption. Acknowledging this fact is not inherently racist or bigoted. There has to be a legitimate way of criticizing these elements of their culture without being maligned and ostracized.

  2. Phoebe L Ho

    I’m concerned about the Haunted Mansion. The stretching room is essential in our version, so how will that work with loading the ride efficiently, and keeping people spaced out? We can no longer step into the “dead center” of the room.

  3. TJT

    CA will only allow 15min for indoor attractions?

    How about eating at one of Calf’s indoor restaurants. Will you only be allowed 15min to finish your meals? What’s the difference?

    The leadership’s of CA are total IDIOTS. Their actions speak LOUDER than their words!

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