New Customizable Marvel Mug Is Pun-Tastic!

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Marvel I have Issues Mug

We admit it, we’re Disney mug hoarders. Pretty much all of us on the ITM team have a huge collection of Disney mugs that fill most of our shelves, kitchen cupboards, and any space that’s free — and we know many of our readers are the same. This new Marvel mug on shopDisney is going to be another one on your list, particularly thanks to the awesome pun on the front. Let’s take a look at the new character mug:

I Have Issues Marvel Mug
Credit: Disney

The mug wording, “I have issues” is a great play on referencing both the ownership of comic books and the fact that many of the characters within the Marvel Universe have some pretty interesting issues themselves — Marvel President Kevin Feige even recently shared how much he loves digging into his characters’ “emotional trauma”.

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You can , but you should know that there are a few options that could have an impact on the price. Here’s the full description for reference:

Add a pop of color to your morning coffee! The outside of the mug features a bright white base for your photo, logo, pattern, or saying, while the inside is vividly glazed in rich color. Give this fun gift to a friend, or add some zest to your dinnerware collection.

Iron Man suits
Credit: Marvel Studios

In terms of customization options, you can change the color, size, and even style of the mug. Color options include:

  • Black
  • Hunter green
  • Maroon
  • Navy blue
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Light blue
  • Orange

As for the style, here is the full list of available options. You will want to act quickly as some of the styles are already selling out!

  • Classic Mug
  • Two-Tone Mug
  • Combo Mug
  • Morphing Mug
  • Travel/Commuter Mug
Marvel I Have Issues Mug styles
Credit: Disney

We love the fact that even a simple Marvel mug can be customized to suit individual needs on shopDisney. There are two main sizes for the mug, 11-ounce or 15-ounce.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of this new Marvel mug!

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