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must do disney

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  1. Darth Eisner

    Bring back Jiminy Cricket telling us about how we can go hiking, biking, horseback riding, canoeing and that’s not all! Whew!

  2. ughhhhhhhhbewf rehjvberjkvb rejv

    bye disney
    see ya
    hope it was worth it

  3. Robert

    I started vacationing in WDW in early 2000’s — about the time of Stacey’s first video. The first few “Top Seven Must Sees” are still available on YouTube and are VERY entertaining. But the most recent incarnations are generic infomercials that are almost impossible to watch — especially if you’re already in WDW! Besides, nowadays there is no shortage of YouTube channels featuring the latest and greatest news every week.

  4. Aimee George

    No loss in my opinion! I would much rather have the 80s and 90s information channel. I found Stacy kind of annoying (sorry Stacy). I would much have Jiminy Cricket or the voice over guy.

  5. Susan

    Wow, this was a tradition for us every visit! The first thing we would do in the room after dropping all our stuff on the floor and the beds and table, was to check to make sure the TV worked and look for Miss Stacy! We’re definitely going to miss her when we get to go next. The first night back in the room after exhaustion set in we would get ready for bed and watch the whole Stacy show from wherever point it started all the way through until we hit the same point again then we could go to sleep. Creatures of habit? Yep! It’s a nice comfort thing.

  6. Matthew Brewster

    Although I have never seen MDD, Disney resort guests deserve a news channel introducing newbies to WDW, as well as keeping veterans updated on what is going on. Why can’t Disney- a communications based goliath- not offer a channel that is uploaded DAILY, like a news program? Is that too much to ask?

  7. Patty

    Noooo say it’s not true.

  8. Me

    It was about time for something new, especially with the 50th anniversary on its way. I’d like to see one with more animation, like the Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah tip for the day one.

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