Disney and Universal Travelers, Take Note of MCO’s Mask Rules

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Credit: MCO Airport

If you are visiting Central Florida during the current COVID-19 pandemic to enjoy all the attractions, parks, and food, both Disney World and Universal Orlando have to offer, making sure that your travel to and from Orlando is safe is a priority. 

Credit: MCO Airport

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Traveling during the pandemic can be a scary time, especially considering the majority of airlines are now sitting passengers in every seat, and tourism is beginning to pick up — especially in Orlando. At MCO (Orlando International Airport), all travelers must have an approved face mask on at all times, as well as on the flight as it is now federal law. The only time people are permitted to remove their masks is when actively eating or drinking, which means that masks can come down when consuming food or drink while seated at a gate, but must go right back on until the next bite or sip is ready to be taken.

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Most recently, it seems MCO is tired of those who are not complying with the rules and is taking to Twitter to call them out. Orlando International Airport (@MCO) Tweeted:

WE’RE SAYING IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE AT THE GATE AREA: if you are not actively eating or drinking, please #MaskUp for those around you. Thank you.

It seems from the image and caption in the Tweet that some passengers may be taking advantage of having a drink with them when waiting to board their flight, keeping their mask down just because they have a drink in hand. As someone who has visited MCO during the pandemic, I can say that from my experience, the airport is quite busy, so that explains why the Orlando airport is continuing to enforce proper mask use, even using social media to encourage travelers to follow the rules and take precautions.

That being said, not everyone was too pleased with the airport’s reminder. Jenna Kaersenhout (@JennaKaers) noted:

that is so unfair. You cannot drink and eat with a mask on. That is really annoying. and there is no one around in the pic. So,.. think Orlando! But I still love you! Wait for me!

Nathaniel Pope felt similarly stating:

Can’t actively eat or drink when the lines inside security are insanely long. Burger King and a Mexican restaurant with an hour wait are only only options by our gate. Food court outside of security on the way in was empty 

And some passengers want MCO to strike back even harder! Paul L (@Mrltty) said:

Forget the “please”. Make it a requirement, not a request, and toss people who refuse to do so out on their backsides.

Many are happy that MCO is stepping up! Natatouille (@@nattyduchesneau) said:

much appreciated, see you in may!

Cin (@Prchica123) gave the Tweet three hand clap emojis!

At both Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort, mask wear is enforced and required for all Guests. Cast Members and Team Members actively patrol proper face-covering protocol at both theme parks, which is great news for many Guests and theme park employees considering the parks are ensuring that safety comes first.

At Disney World, a new policy has been put into place to enforce mask wear even stronger. Now, just like at Disneyland Resort, Disney World has clarified that Guests cannot remove their masks at a dining location unless they are actively eating or drinking. This means that Guests are asked to keep their masks on until their server has brought their drink order or food order to the table. When not dining at a restaurant, theme park Guests are allowed to remove their masks to eat or drink in a designated area — you cannot walk while eating or drinking.

Have you flown into Orlando during the pandemic? How safe did you find the airport?


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